New Smart Drive Eliminates Need for Digital Post Mortem Facing Today’s Next of Kin

Life Link Safe to ease emotional stress sufferers’ endure when trying to locate digital assets and keys to unlock their loved-one’s online life.

Los Angeles, CA, July 02, 2010 --( Ever try to change anything online without a username, code or password? As generations continue to move their personal lives from hard documents to online formats, the question remains of what happens when someone dies and all their records, addresses, and online accounts are forever lost or even undiscovered because no one has the key to their computer life.

Regrettably, the systems in place today make it virtually impossible to stop or alter anything without proper codes. Even with a death certificate many online sites will not allow entry or at best delay much needed access without a username and password. And with the increase numbers of seniors turning to the computer for social networking or online shopping, one thing becomes clear – 100% digital domains cause as many problems as they solve.

Life Link International’s The SAFE provides the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of secure electronic storage with the personal, local safeguarding of all personal data. This highly secure, first-tier USB 2.0 pocket safe provides a vital sense of relief by giving its users a way to protect their legacy easily and efficiently, but most importantly, before tragedy falls.

Users simply plug The SAFE into their computer’s USB port and begin uploading invaluable information onto preformatted templates programmed inside the USB pocket safe drive. Should tragedy strike without warning, the designated survivor will be able to easily access The SAFE’s pages which are categorized based on function (i.e. medical/ financial records, household accounts, insurances), and the designated areas where whole documents can be uploaded (i.e.: Wills, birth/ death certificates, diplomas), photographs and additional electronic files the user wished to pass on to their beneficiary.

But unlike other products that promise safe protection of valuable records, The SAFE is designed with security measures that circumvent the never-ending threats of online living. The SAFE is completely off-line, so there is no chance of user info being hacked. Additionally, no information is ever kept on servers, and no employees at Life Link ever have access to passwords or data, either virtual or off-line. And should The SAFE be lost or misplaced, three incorrect password entries will permanently deactivate the drive.

In order to guarantee safe transfer of online life without putting the mourning family through a digital post mortem, users simply tell a loved one the password or leave The SAFE drive in a secure place along with the code to ensure their legacy remains alive.


About The SAFE:
Upon using The SAFE for the first time, users must create a 12-character password. Only those who know the password may use it, and additional anti-intrusion safeguards include The SAFE automatically shutting down if a password is entered incorrectly three times. The files have 128-bit encryption, and Life Link International does not maintain any customer information.
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