Underwater Inspection Conducted by Hydrex in Port of Tampa, Florida

Clearwater, FL, May 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Underwater inspection (http://www.hydrex.us) conducted by Hydrex US on a tanker in the Port of Tampa, Florida was an Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) to extend the drydock interval as required by classification societies. The inspection was a closed circuit video class inspection of the entire ship below the water line including the rudder and pintle.

The inspection was directed and recorded by a ClassNK surveyor in a work station set up on the Hydrex work boat that included a video recorder, HD TV and communications box. The equipment was setup to display the inspection for the surveyor and to direct and communicate with the diver in order to obtain the specific knowledge needed.

“In our current economic climate shipowners, operators, and managers are increasingly looking for ways to save money and keep their vessels at sea more days. Our certified inspection divers doing UWILD inspections fit the bill” says Will Abbott, Hydrex US Operations Manager. “This kind of inspection can save the ship from drydocking for 3-6 months to 2½ or up to 5 years.”

Abbott goes on to say that Hydrex underwater surveys and inspections are approved by all main classification societies in lieu of dry dock for pre-selling inspections, collision damage, fouling conditions, pre-dry dock conditions, hull plating condition, weld seams, paint condition or any other reasons. They are carried out with modern inspection techniques giving real-time information using CCTV (closed circuit TV), photographic, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and diver physical inspection surveys that are all part of the service as required. Certified inspection divers carry out the work.

This allows the client or classification society to make important decisions on site, saving time and saving money keeping the vessels at sea more days.

The drydocking extension inspections and surveys of this nature can gain 3 to 6 months on the drydock time limit and can allow the operator to fulfill commercial commitments. If a condition of class is imposed it is still possible to grant an extension.

For insurance and damage assessment, underwater inspection gives all parties involved the necessary information about the damage that has occurred allowing correct repair procedures to be implemented without further delay.

Underwater inspection (http://www.hydrex.us), ship repair and maintenance company, Hydrex N.V. was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1974. The company, serving both the shipping and offshore industry, has grown to become one of the leading international companies providing a comprehensive range of underwater maintenance and repair services including the new Ecospeed coating system. Hydrex specializes in cutting edge underwater repair and maintenance technology and solutions that are performed in-situ resulting in ship owners often finding drydocking is not necessary so time, trouble and expense are saved. Hydrex underwater services cover all types of repair including highly technical repairs or replacements such as thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals, and damaged or corroded hulls. All job categories are approved by classification societies. For more information on Hydrex and to contact one of their international offices visit http://www.hydrex.be.

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