Tyra Viewers Crash My DNA Site in Search of Perfume Phenom

Tyra Banks featured My DNA Fragrance on her show on April 13, 2010 giving away 200 bottles of fragrance to her audience creating an overload to the website's bandwidth blocking access resulting in viewer frenzy for purchase information.

Beverly Hills, CA, May 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- My DNA Fragrance 'Exclusive', the companies DNA based bespoke perfumes and colognes were featured on the Tyra Banks Show on April 13, 2010. Tyra had a guest consent to be swabbed and secretly sent in her DNA sample to have the company create her special one-of-a-kind fragrance a week before the show taped. During the broadcast Tyra's guest stated that she normally does not like the commercial fragrances available because they never smell good on her. Tyra gave her a choice of three fragrances labeled A, B and C. Unknown to the guest, one of the choices was her own "Exclusive" My DNA Fragrance created specifically for her from her DNA genetic code. After smelling each bottle, she unknowingly chose the bottle containing her special fragrance saying it was wonderful and smelled good on her over the other two. Tyra then gave away 200 bottles of My DNA Fragrance 'Exclusive' to everyone in her very excited audience.

The response from Tyra's viewers was so overwhelming it resulted in a temporary overload to My DNA Fragrance's server bandwidth, triggering an automatic server suspension to protect the server from crashing. "Many company's have experienced the miracle of the 'Oprah Effect', we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the 'Tyra Effect'," says My DNA Fragrance CEO, Carlton Enoch, who launched the unique fragrance line in 2007.

Excited viewers not able to access the company's website rushed the web during the broadcast in search of details and purchase information spiking My DNA Fragrance to the number one Google search request.

Bloggers quickly seized the opportunity to share product information with their readers about the unique fragrance line and the temporary website service outage adding increasing viewer anxiety. My DNA Fragrance's website was fully functional within moments of the broadcast after some minor bandwidth adjustments by the company's service provider, but it has taken several weeks to repair some of the misleading information regarding the brief website suspension due to server overload from the "Tyra effect," including bloggers re-announcement of the November 2009 launch of the limited 'Antiquity' Fragrance collectors series, which is no longer available.

The 'Antiquity' Fragrance collection was first announced by New York Daily News West Coast Bureau Chief Nancy Dillon on November 17, 2009 in her article "Perfume's heaven scent: New 'Antiquity' fragrances based on DNA of dead celebs". The 'Antiquity' Fragrance collection was a limited engagement collectors series of six celebrity DNA based fragrances created for Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Hepburn and Joan Crawford. The fragrances were added to the British Perfume Encyclopedia by Perfume Intelligence in December 2009.

WPIX-TV's Lolita Lopez in New York aired a special news report on My DNA Fragrance in December 2009 documenting her experience during the fragrance creation process for viewers. The video can be seen at youtube.com/watch?v=_2zzVCIcqXU.

Dr. Diva Verdun, the company's Chief Development Officer stated, "Despite the website challenges, we are honored that Tyra chose our product to share with her viewers and the "Tyra Effect" gave My DNA Fragrance welcomed exposure for the 'Exclusive' fragrance collection.

For more information on My DNA Fragrance please visit the company's website at mydnafragrance.com.

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Dr. Diva Verdun