Fans of Poochieheaven Deserve to be Treated - a Pound of Dog and Cat Food for Every New Fan

Facebook fan pages have paved way for great donations and gifts. Poochieheaven makes use of their fan page to give homeless dogs and cats food.

Altoona, WI, May 13, 2010 --( Facebook fan pages have become a great interactional platform between consumers and retailers. We have seen online businesses making use of facebook fanpages to offer gifts and treats to their customers. However, it is not as common for fans of pages to be giving the gifts and treats. But if you know what Poochieheaven stands for, it will not be odd. Jenny of Poochieheaven says, “With Poochieheaven selling dog and cat products, most of our fans will be pet lovers and have dog and cats in their home. It is a natural response for them to want to help other, homeless, pets.”

“For a week and a half period for every new fan at Poochieheaven, we donated one pound of food to the Eau Claire County Humane Association. We had a tremendous response from not only pet owners in the Eau Claire area, but from previous Poochieheaven customers and blog readers that helped us spread the word,” Jenny says.

Poochieheaven has donated items in the past to other rescue organizations, but nothing to this magnitude. After the week and a half period, with the help of other pet lovers, Poochieheaven was able to donate 682 pounds of food to help the homeless animals of the Eau Claire County Humane Society. What was nice about this promotion is that it did not require any monetary or time requirement for people to help donate. All they had to do was click the like button and become a fan of Poochieheaven.

Jenny’s words on the move were, “We were extremely excited with the way this promotion turned out. I know for sure that we will be doing another one in the future. Just think, with one click, so many people changed the lives of homeless dogs and cats.”

About Poochieheaven

Inspired by her love for animals, Poochieheaven has been around since 2005. Right now, Poochieheaven has grown into the preferred e-store for buying luxury dog clothing (, small dog beds (, dog carriers, dog collars, and dog leads. Recently they have added cat care products as well.

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Jenny Gregorich