Dances with Lobsters & Cognitive Patient Care Whether Informing Food Servers or Neuroscientists, Flying Moose Pictures Provides Show & Tell Expertise

Whether food servers or neurologists, you need informed, well-trained and engaged people to do the job right. Flying Moose Pictures brought expertise in employee training for Fresh Choice Foods and research videos for UCSF's Memory & Aging Center.

San Francisco, CA, May 13, 2010 --( What do wrangling clacking lobsters and care for individuals with cognitive problems have in common? You need informed, well-trained, and engaged people — whether food servers or neurologists — to do the job right. Flying Moose Pictures (The Moose) brought their expertise in interviewing, scripting, shooting/editing and delivery to bear on training videos for Fresh Choice Foods and research videos for University of California’s (UCSF’s) Memory and Aging Center (MAC).

Both projects required communicating complex sets of information. Fresh Choice management needed to convey sometimes-complicated best practices to newbie staffers. At UCSF’s MAC, researchers required video documentation of elusive symptoms to help standardize the diagnosis of non-Alzheimer’s dementia. In word processing versus typing, one space after the end of a sentence is protocol.

Different needs and target viewers do require different approaches. For Fresh Choice, the Moose created the character "Lynda Learner" to demonstrate best server practices, and her incompetent twin, "Lynda Loser" to show what not to do. Contrasting visual styles helped clearly distinguish the "right way" from the "wrong way" sequences. Highlighted bullet points helped entry-level employees focus on the carefully sequenced messages. Shooting on-location at a Fresh Choice restaurant during regular business hours required experienced production planning to avoid negatively impacting food service. The results (see excerpts at > gallery > freshchoice) are fun, comic and were hugely successful in training Fresh Choice's highly diverse staff.

The team at UCSF's Memory and Aging Center have long studied individuals with degenerative non-Alzheimer’s dementia. The Moose worked closely with a team of neurologists for three years, interviewing a wide array of patients and their caregivers (i.e., spouses, family members), then edited the video to present select examples of common symptoms to neuroscientists. The examinations and interviews were extremely stressful for the patients and caregivers and the Moose Team had to remain ever vigilant to their physical and emotional needs. The video clips were a vital part of the data presented to the nationwide network of neurologists who then responded with a diagnosis based on the evidence.

Sensitivity and creative know-how are huge components to producing engaging and effective training videos that help workers do their best jobs.


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