Mental Health & Wellness: Helping People Access Safe Harbor Post-New Orleans Disasters. StillSitting Officially Partners with St. Bernard Project

Mental health is still stigmatized, in New Orleans access-challenged. Post-chronic disasters, things are changing. StillSitting, an accessible online de-stress program, is free to in-need clients of the overwhelmed disaster rebuilding non-profit St. Bernard Project, in chronically stressed New Orleans area. - October 07, 2010

Dances with Lobsters & Cognitive Patient Care Whether Informing Food Servers or Neuroscientists, Flying Moose Pictures Provides Show & Tell Expertise

Whether food servers or neurologists, you need informed, well-trained and engaged people to do the job right. Flying Moose Pictures brought expertise in employee training for Fresh Choice Foods and research videos for UCSF's Memory & Aging Center. - May 13, 2010

Art & Taxes: When Art Imitates Life, the Only Certain Thing is a Flying Moose

Flying Moose Pictures video production's high energy visuals, staging and cuts, successfully integrate into performance on stage or video productions that document and market the performing arts, too. - April 01, 2010

Flying Moose Call: Video Productionistas, “Creative Collaboration Increases Client ROI, Cuts Cost”

Creative collaboration (photography, video, and sound design) is an art in itself. Increasingly, cost-conscious clients ask to combine still and video shoots for their sales, marketing and training deliverables. Flying Moose Pictures are pros. - February 18, 2010

A Resolution That Works: Marketing Through Education Video Production for Better, Smarter Clients

How do businesses get on with doing what they do best when their clients can't see though the fog of technology to their real expertise? Flying Moose Pictures knows. - January 06, 2010

Flying Moose Meets Green Technology in Cool Videos - Green Industry Clients Needs Reclaimed as Entertaining Education for All

Green is cool but its specifics can be technically hard to grasp why. Video production storytelling experts Flying Moose Pictures, helps three (3) green technology companies tap into their own power. - November 18, 2009

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