Unveils Online Gaming Platform

Leading online social destination for teens,, unveiled a gaming platform that they hope will shift the online gaming landscape.

New York, NY, May 13, 2010 --( Acclaimed social media website - - recently launched a new gaming platform entitled, Scallyroo Games, which is fast becoming the most popular source of online games for young people. This new gaming feature adds a unique element to the overall Scallyroo brand, which first gained recognition as the pre-eminent social networking and community-based e-commerce site, exclusively for the Teen and Tween market demographic.

Marking its first expansion into online gaming, Scallyroo Games is comprised of over 4,000 Flash-based games, seamlessly integrated within Scallyroo’s overall product mix – social networking, socialized shopping, and other proprietary social tools that provide value and entertainment for the Net Generation. “We are excited about expanding our brand into the gaming segment,” said Ryan Garelick, president and co-founder of “With more than 75 percent of our target base gaming online, Scallyroo Games is a terrific extension of, broadening our reach across multiple platforms and delivering fun and innovative content to our audience."

Scallyroo Games was launched with fully functional scoring capabilities, enabling its user-base to post scores to a community leader board, where they can track their success against their friends on the Scallyroo network, or against the network at large. Socializing game-play through friend connections is a core differentiator for Scallyroo. Ushering in a new chapter in online computer gaming akin to Xbox Live and Playstation Network, Scallyroo enables their site members to directly battle one another for points or for bragging rights, adding a whole new layer of emulous fun.

Online computer gaming has always been played one-dimensionally; gamer plays against the computer with the hopes of earning a top-score in an arcade style format. Scallyroo’s innovative social application permits a two-dimensional approach, whereby gamers can compete with each other directly. “We felt the atmosphere of competition could be fully harnessed by leveraging our pre-existing technology and coupling it with the online gaming phenomenon currently sweeping the country,” said Garelick. “Paving the way for ‘socialized gaming’ is something we always wanted to achieve within the Scallyroo Platform for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which was the perfect assimilation within our linked environment. It was a seamless fit for us.”

Scallyroo Games was developed with the notion that everyone within their site demographic (primarily 8-17 year olds) could find a title that they could enjoy playing. Amongst the thousands of titles geared towards young people exists the latest action games, funny cartoon games, brain games, racing games, sports games, arcade games, dress-up games, shooting games, word games, RPG games, and much more. And with tons of reviews, features, recommendations, and ratings, gamers of all skill levels are guaranteed to find exciting new games every day.

In light of the current online gaming craze amongst young people, the creators of Scallyroo think they are tapping into a new channel that will broaden their feature offerings, and in effect, lengthen the amount of time their site members stay engaged. In this brave new world of media distribution eyeballs equal monetization and content is king. Scallyroo is hopeful that their social gaming platform will fortify their position as a leading online social destination for young people.

About Scallyroo

Scallyroo is a revolutionary online platform that enables young people to better connect with their family and friends, by leveraging the power of social networking, e-commerce, and personal organization tools, designed exclusively for them.

Ryan Garelick