Curb-King Announces the – A Free Service to Help People Find a Landscape Curbing Contractor in the USA

Brigham City, UT, November 23, 2006 --( Curb-King, manufacturer of patented, advanced curbing machines, announces the creation of to help consumers find landscape curbing contractors in their area. This free service will be a tremendous benefit to consumers of landscape curbing products and landscape curbing contractors. This web site allows both consumers and contractors to find each other and communicate in an efficient, timely manner.

Landscape curbing is a concrete border that is used between lawns and flower gardens. Landscape curbing is a durable product that makes lawn and garden care easier by eliminating edging. It is a superior product to the plastic and metal edging material currently used by many home owners.

Concrete curbing is beautiful. Plain concrete curb provides a bright border that offsets and highlights your landscaped areas. It can emphasize a flower bed or visually separate a lawn from the flower bed.. With colored and stamped concrete curb you can create any kind of look you would like. A brick look, a cobblestone look or just a flat colored stone look. The possibilities are endless.

Concrete Landscape Curbing is a functional border making your landscape maintenance jobs easier. A landscape curb minimizes your lawn edging chores. The lawn mower can be run right up on the cement eliminating your edging chores where you have curb. The curb can also create a root barrier keeping your lawn out of your flower bed minimizing a lot of your weeding chores.

Concrete is a strong durable product that gives you years of maintenance free service. Concrete Landscape Curbing has been installed at hundreds of thousands of homes in every state and climate across the United States over the last 20 years. This product will give you years of service.

They encourage you to compare with any other border whether it is plastic, metal or brick. Landscape concrete curbing is the best landscape border or edging available.

Curb King
Lane McKinnon