Former California Stockbroker Recalled to Active Duty; Army Officer Contracts Humorous New Book

Special Operations and Third World Living; An Army Staff Officer’s View of the Middle East.

Niceville, FL, May 14, 2010 --( Author Lt. Col. Peter Clark, United States Army, has signed a contract with Patriot Media, Inc. of Niceville, Florida to publish his upcoming book, Staff Monkeys, A Stockbroker’s Journey Through the Global War on Terror.

The book is a chronological account with humorous comments and witty descriptions about Colonel Clark’s various and unusual assignments during his deployment to the Middle East from April, 2005 through September 2009, centering on living and working in a third world country.

One reviewer said, “I haven’t read anything this funny about serving in the military since Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe.”

Colonel Clark is presently on active duty, assigned to the Army’s Special Operations Command (SOCCENT), McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Originally entering the Army in 1985, he served until 1997 then was recalled in 2005. Between military tours, he worked as a stock broker for a California firm. When asked why he wrote the book he said, “I promised everybody in my office at the brokerage firm I would keep them posted on what I was up to when I was recalled. After a few years of deployments, my friends encouraged me to make my journal into a book.”

Alan Walker, COL (Ret) Special Forces writes in his review of Staff Monkeys:
"Staff Monkeys kept me chuckling at myself and all those that take themselves so seriously. What we do is serious business, but it has a humorous side. It took me down a hilariously accurate trip on Memory Lane and paid tribute to the grease that keeps the military machine sliding along. Peter Clark cleverly unlocks and exposes the secret weapon of the US military: the indispensable Staff Monkey.

Now, get back in the cage!"

Patriot Media, Inc. of Niceville, Florida will publish Staff Monkeys with a planned release date in late August. For more information visit or call (850)897-4204.

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Dari Bradley
Dari Bradley