Vocati Communications Releases Tiered International Termination Program with Six Complete International Wholesale Rate Cards

New York, NY, May 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Vocati Communications, Inc. released a tiered international termination program for wholesale VoIP and telecommunications termination. Customers looking for cheap VoIP services can now get unmanaged routes with specific characteristics and customers looking for a true international service complete with CLI and CID options can now get that from one of the most trusted names in wholesale VoIP services.

This move to a multi tier termination system cements Vocati Communications as the leader in international VoIP services. With over 18 offices in 16 countries world wide and more than 200 relationships with downstream providers, Vocati Communications offers one of the largest and most sophisticated VoIP networks on the planet.

“We have been considering this approach for a while,” Andres Acero, Vocati’s Chief Operating Officer stated in an interview from Bogota, Colombia where Vocati owns and operates a large call center and switching system. “Customers have asked for this and we responded.”

Vocati Communications now offers 6 different decks – at least twice as many as any other wholesale VoIP provider in the industry researched. This allows for an almost unlimited possibility for customization based on quality, features and price.

“Different Customers have different needs and we are here to address those needs through the customization of different rate decks for different purposes. Now a client can choose if they want CLI, no CLI, high quality or premium quality calls, managed services or unmanaged routes. They can even choose how much they pay for a call to a particular destination and mix and match the routes to form a completely unique offering for their customers,” said William McCarthy, President and CEO of Vocati North America, LLC and Vocati Communications, Inc.

To obtain these rate decks, simply request a comprehensive rate deck by writing info@vocaticommunications.com or visit Vocati Communications online at http://www.vocaticommunications.com

Customers can also call and request the information via phone at the following numbers:

+1.718.374.5650 (United States Headquarters, New York, New York)
+57.301.755.6217 (Colombia and South American Operations / Call Center)
+ (European Headquarters, Rome, Italy)

About Vocati Communications

Vocati is a U.S. based Telecommunication Service Provider with 18 locations world wide. It has a long history of responding to challenges and answering the call to action through their unique One World Program which serves to demonstrate the belief that communication makes the world a smaller place.


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