MLS Announces Version 2.0 Release of the Wind Turbine Control Toolbox™

New MLS Toolbox 2.0 release contains a Controller Module option with accessible wind turbine controllers.

Madrid, Spain, May 15, 2010 --( MLS Intelligent Control Dynamics announces the release of version 2.0 of its popular Wind Turbine Control Toolbox software. The MLS Toolbox 2.0 contains a number of important new features and enhancements including a Controller Module option with accessible wind turbine controllers.

The MLS Toolbox based on MATLAB® allows engineers to model wind turbines and design wind turbine control systems more quickly and eases controller evaluation and post-processing tasks. The Toolbox 2.0 includes several functionality and performance improvements including:

- The ability to load different wind turbine models and controllers on the Control Designer at the same time to allow for side-by-side comparisons.
- A Control Designer that allows dynamic placement and movement of poles and zeros on the controller without the need of linking with the SISOtool.
- Faster and more efficient model loading.
- Improved save/load project functionalities; data format backward compatible with earlier versions.
- 1 year free support and remote maintenance service.

Two new optional modules are available with the MLS Toolbox 2.0:

- The Controller Module Package incorporates a wind turbine controller implemented in Simulink in continuous time with additional controllers available as add-ons depending on the level of desired functionality.
- The Automatic Report Generator Module generates documentation in Word with all information necessary for certification. These reports can be customized to match specific customer requirements.

“These enhancements are a direct response to customer requests and the improved technology coming from the MLS Research & Development group” stated Sergio Dominguez, Product Management & Business Development Director. “The option to include wind turbine controllers with the Toolbox provides a quantitative leap in facilitating wind turbine control design for our customers” added Dominguez.

About MLS Intelligent Control Dynamics:

MLS provides advanced wind turbine control solutions and motion actuators to clients around the globe. Established in 2000, MLS sells turbine controllers, the MLS Toolbox™ modeling and design software, the Intelligent Actuator™ for individual pitch control, PX Pitch and YX yaw systems and control engineering services for the wind power industry.

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