Iowa Green Label Veterinary Labs, Inc. Launches New Product Line - LitterTopper

The first of its kind - New line of products sprinkled on top of cat litter that naturally disinfect cat's paws.

Spencer, IA, May 15, 2010 --( “Disinfects Paws . . . Naturally” is the slogan of the new product line. All products in the line reduce bacteria and fungi, and are intended to decrease disease related to cats tracking germs around the home. “People are leaning toward natural/holistic products these days,” according to Dr. T.F. Larsen, D.V.M.

The line was produced based on the known principles of prevention. “We all wash our hands in efforts to reduce the spread of disease, and our product is no different. This product is the first of its kind,” according to Dr. Larsen.

Anxiety Relief, one of the more popular LitterTopper products, is intended to naturally control behavioral problems and aggression in socially stressed cats. “Each year millions of cats are relinquished to shelters because of preventable behavior-related problems,” according to the Morris Foundation in Denver, CO. Dr. Larsen, founder of I.G.L.V. Labs, Inc., stated that “Our Goal is to keep these cats in their homes where they belong, and cut down on euthanasia of many of these felines.”

I.G.L.V. Labs, Inc. was established in 1981 by Dr. T.F. Larsen, D.V.M. In 2001, he took an interest in cats, and had concerns about the transfer of germs from the litter box to the rest of the home. By culturing countertops of cat owners, he found large amounts of E. coli and ringworm, most likely transferred from the litter box. Following a 9 year period of product development, I.G.L.V. Labs has launched the final line of products, which greatly reduce ringworm and nearly eradicate E. coli.


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