Maximized Health Chiropractic is Named The "People’s Choice" for Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlands Ranch, CO, August 04, 2010 --( Dr. Craig Burns says he designed the Maximized Health Wellness Center in Centennial to be “the place I would want to go if I needed the kind of help we offer.”

Dr. Burns is a licensed Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, human performance expert, lifestyle coach and professional speaker. But he also sees himself as a teacher, helping others maintain good health by taking responsibility for their own bodies.

And the wellness center he and his staff have created offers much more than chiropractic care in Highlands Ranch. As a fully functioning wellness center, their services also include physiotherapy, massage, supervised weight loss, nutritional counseling, as well as asthma and allergy elimination therapy.

The doctor and his team of dedicated health care professionals are also a leading referral resource for other doctors in the community. “Medical doctors and other types of providers refer their patients to us because they believe in what we do,” says Dr. Burns.

With over 2,000 chiropractic clinics in Colorado, Dr. Burns is 1 of only 9 other chiropractic offices in the Highlands Ranch area to claim the prestigious title of Distinguished Fellow within the profession’s most clinically published research group. “With that status, comes great confidence in what we do for our patients, and we are honored to have earned it.”

More than Symptom Relief

Dr. Burns also takes a different approach to his work as a Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch. In fact, much of his practice is built on failed treatment somewhere else, he said.

“Many doctors nowadays, including other types of chiropractors, only treat symptoms. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than that. We don’t treat only the symptoms. We treat the underlying condition.”

The problem with treating symptoms, Dr. Burns said, is that a patient can go out the door feeling better but the pain that brought them there almost certainly will return unless the underlying cause has been corrected. “Our goal is to get rid of the pain and the problem permanently,” he said.

Dr. Burns goes on to describe the principle of Maximized Health as a state of balance chemically, physically and emotionally. “Through our highly advanced approach patients experience many benefits not found in other chiropractic and medical offices, such as: faster recovery; affordable and efficient care plans; exercise and nutritional counseling; a vast array of soft tissue and massage techniques; and “get better, faster” home care instructions.”

A New Era in Health Care

In this state-of-the-art facility, they just opened a new Allergy Relief Department offering Laser Allergy Elimination Therapy. “This is an innovative therapy with great potential, and is offering much needed hope and long lasting relief for many allergy related conditions,” says Dr. Burns.

Within seconds of speaking with this Highlands Ranch Chiropractor it is clear that his team has a passion for delivering world-class care. He confidently states, “We believe in excellence and ‘going the extra mile’ when it comes to patient care, and that is what separates us from everyone else.”

It is easy to see why Dr. Burns and his team are one of Colorado’s most prominent and reputable doctor’s offices. Several members of the Chamber are active patients with Dr. Burns and claim the level of service they receive is refreshingly authentic, highly competent, and uncompromising in quality.

Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Highlands Ranch? The Maximized Health Wellness Center is located at 7323 South Alton Way in Centennial. Their Web site is . Phone is 303-462-4476.

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