NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Presented to New Novel Author Fida R. Abbott

Enthusiasm, a novel based on the author’s own true story won Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Spring 2010.

Coatesville, PA, May 18, 2010 --( NABE has announced the winners of the 2010 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and new author Fida R. Abbott was among the winners of this coveted award. Her recent book Enthusiasm was the recipient of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the novel category. Enthusiasm was released on February 24, 2010 by Xlibris Corporation and is her first novel she ever wrote among her other several non fiction books.

Enthusiasm is a fascinating and hopeful novel based on the author’s own true story. In this exceptional masterpiece, Abbott narrates the journey of her life and shares how enthusiasm played a vital role in pursuing her dream in the writing world—with English as her second language—in her new country. Here, she exemplifies her experiences, her family and relationships, her inspirations, and her passage towards her remarkable goals. This novel is a reflection of her own life, how she faced obstacles, how she handled life, how she inspired and touched other people’s lives through her works, and how she achieved the amazing successes of her life and endeavors—a perfect blend of life’s spices.

Through Enthusiasm, readers will be affected by the author’s wonderful story. Filled with hope and inspiration, strength and enthusiasm, this book will draw out the best within its readers’ hearts and minds.

About the Author

Fida R. Abbott was born and raised in Indonesia, married to an American, has a daughter from her marriage and lives in Pennsylvania. Her interest in writing has made her Managing Editor at a daily online Indonesian News, based on the citizen reporter, and also acts as a Director of the Online Writing Course there. She is the author of What Prayers Does Mommy Teach Me?, Dancing in My World, and Amerindo Kitchen in Series. She is currently preparing to write her romance novel and will finish her second cookbook of Amerindo Kitchen in Series in summer. More about Fida R. Abbott and all of her books can be found at

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