New Book of Poetry & Travel Prose: The Rites of Stone

The Rites of Stone is the seventh poetry collection by Robert Lima. It presents a prose introduction that sets the poems in their geography: PerĂº, Bolivia and Easter Island.

State College, PA, May 18, 2010 --( Robert Lima's new book of poetry, The Rites of Stone, has just been published by The Orlando Press and is available at It contains maps and other illustrations of the archaeological sites visited.

On the back cover: The Rites of Stone "Presents the award-winning poet's perspective on the archaeological sites of the Andes and Rapa Nui that he has visited over many years. Incidents of Travel to Ancient Andean and Pacific Sites" places these trajectories in perspective, giving incisive comments on the temples, statuary, fortresses, towers, cities and other structures erected by the pre-Hispanic peoples who dwelt in the Andean regions of Perú and Bolivia. The Andean poems are followed by those dealing with the massive Moai of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island."

Please consider purchasing The Rites of Stone for yourself or as a gift, and asking your local or university library to purchase it.

The Orlando Press
Dr. Robert Lima, OIC