StarCatcher Innovative Online Tool to Pinpoint the Students’ Weakness and Maximize Their SAT Scores

NorthStar Learning Express’s innovative online tool “SAT I: Identify Weakness” enable the SAT takers to identify their weakness within seconds, streamline the SAT preparation process, and maximize their SAT scores.

Pittsburg, PA, May 19, 2010 --( NorthStar Learning Express launches its unique innovative online tool “SAT I: Identify Weakness,” which analyze the students’ test results, identify their weakness, and provide a detail report regarding the students’ raw score, scaled score, strength and weakness, recommendations about what the students should study next. This unique online tool, backed by advanced Internet technologies, empowers the SAT takers to prepare the SAT not only more focused at the students’ pace, schedule, and location but also at affordable price, only $49, for their parents.

NorthStar Learning Express’s focused and personalized online tool acts like a private SAT tutor or trainer who identifies and isolates the students’ weakness by knowledge topic or areas, advises them the learning strategies, and assists them to improve. This tool significantly reduces the SAT preparation fee, which related to the above tasks that are traditionally done by SAT tutors manually, from traditional high price of over $100 per hour for SAT tutoring to under $50 in total.

In addition, the students who sign up for this tool get the full explanations of all the practice tests in the SAT practice book, “The official SAT study guide” published by College Board, for free. That is equivalent to a $30 value. With this innovative tool, the students who are good at self-study and organize their time are equipped to prepare the SAT thoroughly by themselves and to maximize their SAT scores with the least financial liability on their parents. Needless to say that the students who use this online tool enjoy its convenience and flexibility; they are able to access it anywhere anytime and any location.

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Helen Zhao