Is Introducing an All-Digital Black and White Photography Conversion Service is very excited to announce an introduction of a new service to support a growing demand for Black and White Photography in today's primarily digital world.

San Francisco, CA, November 25, 2006 --( In the coming months is going to be restructuring its core business function, and will expand on the offering of our Budget-Friendly Black and White Conversion service, which will fill the need of many looking for quality Black and White Photographs in today's world of Digital Photography. They are mainly targeting individuals either developing and printing photographs after a formal event, or simply looking to get highest possible quality Black and White photographs from their color Photography. Most of us have been touched by a Pixel and are now shooting digitally, and for some this creates a problem, because without experience and knowledge of Digital Darkroom, Color to Black and White Conversions are simply inferior to images captured on Film. To compound this issue, many photographers switched to digital gear from film, to improve their workflow, and increase their profits, but do not have the necessary skills or the time to produce Black and White, and Toned Black and White Photography which is of the same visual quality as that captured with traditional Black and White Film.

They are engineering a photography retouching service which will turn customers' most cherished photographs into stunningly beautiful Black and White Photographs. The quality will be far superior to what most photographers, or any automated service are able to offer. The primary appeal of the service will be to customers who either shoot themselves and are not yet ready to spend a lot of time to learn the fine art of digital conversion, or those who use freelance photographers during formal events, like weddings, formal receptions, graduations, and any other photographed events.

All digital cameras capture photographs in color, unlike film, where the quality, the mood, the essence, and the soul of the photograph is controlled in the lab, and of course by the film itself. Their proprietary All-Digital HMS Conversion process, which was in many ways inspired by Ansel Adams' Zone System, offers a Budget-Friendly solution to producing unmatched in quality, stunning Black and White Photographs.

Undiscovered Talent, Inc.
Sam Zaydel