Egress Switch Completes Secure Collaboration Portfolio

Award winning next generation collaboration software expands portfolio to include secure large file transfer, message body encryption, and data classification.

London, United Kingdom, May 19, 2010 --( Egress Software Technologies, an innovator in secure data exchange, announced today the availability of Egress Switch 2.0. This latest version incorporates key features to enable organisations the ability to protect and classify confidential information sent by email, CD/DVD, USB, or uploaded to internal/Cloud Servers.

The influx of ‘point solutions’ designed to cater for specific data exchange mechanisms such as email, or large file transfer, has done little to reduce the alarming number of reported data loss incidents. Research indicates that the percentage of data loss cases attributed to third party negligence has now grown to 36% and is 20% more costly to recover. To address this challenge Egress Switch enables businesses to share information securely by offering real-time auditing and complete control wherever the data resides.

Highlighted new features include:

- Secure Large File Transfer
Expanding on their ‘one click’ mantra to sharing information securely, sending large files is now easier than ever. Better still, not only will recipients be notified automatically, but information owners are also able to track user activity and revoke access in real-time - even once the files have been downloaded.

- Message Body Encryption
Email message body encryption has now been added to enable users the ability to encrypt sensitive messages without the need to learn any new processes. Identity based encryption creates an automatic and seamless association between authorised recipients and encrypted data, removing the need for cumbersome password management.

- Customisable Security Labels
Security labelling has been added to enable users the ability to classify confidential data in one single operation. This functionality gives Switch administrators the flexibility they require to define bespoke policy rules and data classifications centrally, removing any unnecessary complication from end users.

- Configurable Recipient Policy Notes
The very nature of business collaboration often requires sensitive data to be placed in the hands of third parties. By offering fully configurable and centrally audited policy disclaimers, Switch users can now enforce that recipients take full responsibility when handling confidential information.

- Improved Usability
Their experience with customers tells us that simple security is the most successful security. Enhanced authentication embedded into core business workflow enables users to easily adopt protection of data and embrace information security when performing daily tasks.

“We’re excited about offering these new services to our growing customer base. Sharing confidential information securely using a variety of exchange mechanisms remains a common requirement,” said Tony Pepper, CEO for Egress Software Technologies. “Switch provides seamless encryption of outbound data regardless of file size or transport mechanism and keeps you in complete control at all times. In a tough climate with harsh penalties for data loss that endanger the very existence of many businesses, this is the protection our customers demand.”

Delivered as a software service to minimize overall cost, Egress Switch goes beyond the capabilities of traditional encryption products. Pepper continues, “Our patented innovation paves the way for businesses and individuals to share information securely.”

Egress Switch offers complete protection of outbound data regardless of file size or transport mechanism. Using AES 256-bit encryption, Switch secures confidential information sent by email, copied to USB removable media, burnt to CD/DVD, or uploaded to FTP/Cloud Servers. Information owners can then set or change security policies through a service in the Cloud. Security policies include real-time user and package management, even after the information is sent or shared. This allows users to instantly ‘pull information back’ should audit events suggests the data has been lost or mishandled.

Egress Switch also offers integrated data classification and customisable end user policy disclaimers. This next generation level of control and ease-of-use not only mitigates the risk of unintentional data loss, but also enforces recipient responsibility when handling confidential information.

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About Egress Software Technologies
Egress Software Technologies delivers an innovative service to enable organisations and individuals to share information securely. The company provides integrated and easy-to-use software designed to protect and control sensitive data, however it is sent or wherever it resides. Founded in 2007, the company is self-funded, based in London (UK) and is led by senior executives from Reflex Magnetics, Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Check Point Software. Egress’ growing customer base includes blue chip companies and government organisations around the world.

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