Joe Estephan Distributes Monday Night Football Programs

Joe Estephan Company markets football programs.

Lakewood, CA, May 25, 2010 --( Joe Estephan will be marketing football programs for the enhanced enjoyment of the games. Joe Estephan is making available programs from exciting games of the past so that fans can renew their interest in the sport and anticipate the excitement in future games.

The programs will display interesting covers of exciting plays from the passing of Troy Aikman and Steve Bartkowski to the running of Barry Sanders and Walter Payton. Defense is also emphasized on game covers as the players are not afraid to get down and dirty. Joe Estephan's Company's football programs will feature a number of fan favorite teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams. The fun, colorful, display of game player data will make the programs appealing.

Joe Estephan Company, in distributing the programs, would like to give the fan the impression that he was actually at the stadium. The excitement generated by a long run by Eric Dickerson can be displayed by a unique program cover photo. The program roster will list the opposing defenders who attempted to stop Eric, adding to the game experience for the fan.

For football fans, the new program that Joe Estephan's Company will display will include player photos along with viewing information. These programs will help the fan relive past moments.

Joseph Estephan