Replay Helps IT Solution Provider Reduce Clients’ Recovery Time from 2+ Days to Just Minutes

Replay 4, AppAssure's flagship backup and disaster recovery product, helped an IT Solution Provider reduce clients’ recovery time from several days to minutes.

Reston, VA, May 21, 2010 --( AppAssure Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that its flagship backup and recovery product, Replay 4, has provided full-service technology solutions center Datamax/Micro a reduction of recovery time from several days to minutes, with an 80% reduction of data storage for its clients and its home office.

“Prior to Replay, it would easily take 2.5 days to completely restore a server in the event of a failure,” said Brad S. Russell, Systems/Network Engineer at Datamax/Micro. “With Replay, I was able to restore everything in just minutes.”

Russell works with a team of engineers in the Little Rock, AR office of Datamax/Micro – which services all the clients in Arkansas, and manages the IT of the Datamax/Micro Hot Springs, AR office. Not only does this team take care of the network and tech concerns of the company as a whole, but it also provides Datamax/Micro business technology solutions for companies all over Arkansas.

“If you choose to have traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions such as tape, then you just have to accept the traditional RTO and RPO – meaning, it’s going to take a long time to recover your data and there’s going to be several hours of unrecoverable data loss since the last backup,” Russell added. “I tell my clients that Replay is the best solution for minimizing data loss and the fastest way to restore their servers, and they agree.”

Datamax/Micro’s IT team either trains its clients’ staff to monitor the Replay server, or for those clients with whom they’re doing remote monitoring, they are able to give clients an executive summary report each month, including event logs, backup logs, etc. “Replay is an intelligent backup and recovery solution,” said Russell. “The console and interface are easier to use than Symantec’s Backup Exec, and the price is just great. Because we’re a solution provider, we say that when they put Replay in, they’ll be able to retire other backup and recovery products they had been using, saving them money. We’ve had absolutely no complaints from clients regarding the performance of Replay, and AppAssure’s support team is phenomenal!”

Replay 4:

- Eliminates the backup window
- Creates point-in-time images continuously
- Reduces server down-time allowing users to access applications (including e-mail) during a live recovery
- Reduces disk space upwards of 80% with built-in data de-duplication and compression
- Allows for recovery or messages, files, databases, storage groups or the entire server from bare-metal in just a few clicks

About Datamax/Micro
Datamax /Micro is a five-location company, scattered across three states, which prides itself as a one-stop business technology solution center, and Arkansas’ only full service technology solutions center. Datamax/Micro is one of the few vendors in Southeastern U.S. to offer LaserFiche – an electronic document management system.

About AppAssure Software
AppAssure Software is a provider of innovative backup and disaster recovery software purpose-built for Windows applications. Designed to protect the applications, not just the data, AppAssure solutions deliver high-value features for reliable data protection that is corruption-free. As a result, IT administrators can have the confidence that their Windows applications are completely protected and easily recoverable in the event of data loss or disaster. AppAssure’s flagship product, Replay 4 is an application-aware, disk-based imaging solution that automatically and continuously images your entire Windows application server delivering accelerated application backups and disaster recovery for Windows servers in minutes.

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