Saga Selects marketingunity as Its Company-Wide E-Procurement Platform

Saga, part of the Acromas Group, has implemented marketingunity’s Procurement Manager software, driving significant cost and administration savings on procurement services.

Greenham, United Kingdom, May 21, 2010 --( marketingunity, marketing and procurement software specialists, are pleased to announce that UK travel and insurance giant Saga has implemented their Procurement Manager module.

Saga is anticipating the new system will benefit them in several ways. Significantly bringing them cost savings on material and services procurement; also through increased employee productivity; better supplier management, and comprehensive management reporting.

Procurement Manager is part of the marketingunity’s Web-based, collaborative software suite, designed specifically to support ‘best practice’ in marketing and procurement.

Marketingunity is already used by The AA, and following their entry into the Acromas Group, their enthusiasm for the system persuaded Saga to look into using it for themselves. Saga quickly identified the benefits it would deliver, and implemented it initially for print procurement. This will be followed by other categories, beginning with IT hardware, leading to Procurement Manager becoming the Saga standard e-procurement platform.

David Bruce, Acromas Head of Group Procurement, says, “The marketingunity solution is very intelligent. It implements a ‘best practice’ procurement system that is uniform, sustainable and standardised across the business. It incorporates a comprehensive database of buying history, which gives us a single point of control for procurement. It also provides comprehensive management reporting which will identify ongoing opportunities for savings.”

Powerful benefits, but what made Saga select marketingunity over its better-known rivals?

Bruce is quick to reply - “It has a clear competitive edge in a number of areas: it offers a world-class procurement system at a fraction of the cost of its competitors; it is fast to implement and use; and it can manage products that generic E-procurement solutions can’t. They are fine for commodity products that can be pre-priced and bought through catalogues. However, they fall down on bespoke products like print and IT hardware, that have so many combinations of features that they can’t be put in a catalogue. Marketingunity has sophisticated specification templates that overcome that limitation.

“Despite that sophistication, the system is extremely easy to use, Backed up by marketingunity’s excellent and responsive support, that has enabled us to achieve a very rapid return on investment, and the comprehensive online management information demonstrates that to the rest of the business.”

Bruce sums up “The bottom line is that marketingunity delivers significant and sustainable cost savings, both by allowing us to identify the best value in the market, and also by significant reductions in procurement staff administration overheads.”

About Saga:
UK-based Saga, part of the Acromas Group, is a leading provider of products and services to the over 50’s age group. Saga offers a range of travel, home and car insurance services, as well as travel services and the well-known magazine. Saga Home Insurance and Saga Motor Insurance alone currently insure over 2 million policyholders aged over 50 in the UK.

About marketingunity:
Marketingunity is a UK-based software house specialising in web-based, collaborative marketing and procurement applications.

Their flagship suite operates as a single, comprehensive point of control for marketing and procurement operations. It underpins the successful management of campaigns and procurement from planning to execution, across organisational, time and geographical boundaries.

Over 100,000 users, spanning 1200 corporate and non-profit organisations, agencies and suppliers use marketingunity to improve their bottom line.

About Procurement Manager
Procurement Manager is one of the six modules in the marketingunity suite, all of which are designed to support ‘best practice’ marketing and procurement.

The marketingunity template-driven system guides procurement professionals through a comprehensive but easy-to-use process, allowing even novice buyers to achieve world-class procurement results. From specifying requirements, through identifying the best suppliers, getting sign off, and placing purchase orders, marketingunity ensures they consistently achieve top-quality, best-value results.

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