PageTech Announces Release of PCLTool SDK V9.0

The most powerful PCL transformation tool kit developed for the HVTO industry now includes Windows .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET versions of its major PCL transformation programs.

San Diego, CA, May 25, 2010 --( PageTech today announced the release of PCLTool SDK V9.0, the latest version of its leading PCL transformation tool kit. V9.0 of the SDK now includes Windows .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET versions of its major PCL transformation programs. PCLTool SDK V9.0 allows developers to easily implement and integrate PCL applications into a wide range of document imaging, output management and print stream optimization solutions.

V9.0 represents a major consolidation and migration of PCLTool SDK source code for easier maintainability, upgradability, faster throughput and integration into 64-bit and .NET environments.

Recently, the majority of PageTech's business has been in support of high volume print/mail/imaging service bureaus providing HVTO services for their clients. PageTech has become the "go to" vendor, often brought in to process the complex PCL that much higher priced products cannot handle. In addition to providing the best tools to extract text from PCL, PCLTool SDK can convert complex PCL to vector PDF's for downstream output management systems to work with. PageTech can also optimize very large PCL files into much smaller ones that can be printed or converted up to eight times faster.

PCLTool SDK V9.0 Enhancements Include:

* PCL Optimization ( - Added new optimization routines to scale down large PCL files thereby increasing throughput, which results in faster printing and/or transforming to PDF or other formats.

* PCL to TransPromo ( - New functions facilitate transforming high volume legacy PCL bank statements into text, raster or vector data for seamless migration into any output management system for re-engineering into TransPromo documents.

* .NET - The .NET versions of their .exe’s and .dll’s were re-written and enhanced with the latest upgrades.

* 64-bit - Added a new set of .exe’s and .dll’s for the 64-bit platform.

* 64-bit .NET - Added a new set of .exe’s and .dll’s for .NET applications on the 64-bit platform.

* HotDirZ ( - New print file capture utility to watch multiple folders and launch various applications.

* Auto-Indexing - The Port Monitor now captures all of the Print Manager data and automatically inserts it into the PCL print stream as PJL comments. An optional index pop-up dialog can prompt users for additional indexing, routing or other information during the printing process.

* Source Code Consolidation - They migrated all of their .exe’s and .dll’s for compilation with VS2008. In the process, they absorbed many standalone .dll’s into their main convert library, which has provided faster processing.


A fully functional evaluation copy of PCLTool SDK V9.0 is available for download from the PageTech web site. Once product licensing is complete, the insertion of a final custom runcode allows for an uninterrupted evaluation-to-development process.

All PageTech products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A single license for PCLTool SDK starts at $495 USD with additional configuration options available.

About PageTech

Established in 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (, based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy and design firm specializing in print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation products for developers, PCL systems integrators and MIS departments. PageTech belongs to the following independent developer programs: Adobe Solution Partners, Microsoft Developer's Network, AIIM, and XPLOR.

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