Canadian Company, Combats Con-Artist Companies - Home Assist Canada is Stopping the Widespread Homeowners Rip-Offs

Ottawa, Canada, May 23, 2010 --( With the spring spending market for homeowners in full swing, and the rush to get projects started, homes sold, homeowners packed and moved, home owners will be swindled out of millions of dollars.

Many of these swindles will happen through misunderstandings and misrepresentation, others through being blatantly ripped off.

The aim of Home Assist Canada is to eliminate the uneasiness and risk a homeowner feels when selecting a business to work with.

This uneasiness has been brought on by businesses that have done sloppy and unprofessional work, taken advantage of homeowners and tarnished the name of the industry and trustworthy businesses simply by association.

Home Assist Canada aims to put an end to the shady business practices of some while standing up for the truly serious business person and professional.

Home Assist Canada has launched a national business registration program aimed at registering the good guys in business, and making it less of a chore when selecting the right business to hire. Home Assist Canada makes being a homeowner a whole new secure feeling with the introduction of “Canada’s National Network of Home Assistance Professionals.”

The website,, is now registering businesses coast to coast. It offers honest, professional and quality business people and professionals a means to present themselves to the general public as one of the good guys in business.

To obtain a membership with Home Assist Canada, each business or professional applicant is checked and cross-referenced in 29 different ways, including agreeing to follow a strict code of ethics. The applications are accepted based on a point system, with each successful applicant obtaining a minimum number of points before being accepted as one of the good guys in business.

Home Assist Canada is expecting to employ over 350 intake associates in four locations across Canada, (Atlantic, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Vancouver) The intake workers will be able to handle all incoming request from homeowners looking for a service provider.

It will be possible for someone in Vancouver looking to sell their home, find a home in Halifax, find a real estate agent, a lawyer, have it inspected, any repairs done, have a deck built and move their belongings all with peace of mind and one call to Home Assist Canada.

"I am so glad to see a program like this finally come about,” says J. Heddington of Can West Industrial.

“We are constantly re-locating trades people from Eastern Canada to Northern Alberta and back again and had some terrible situations arise when we hired the wrong people. This system works! It’s peace of mind, and its simple!” She says.

Business registration is taking place for the next four weeks. This service will be widely available to the public by the end of May. This is a free service to the homeowner.

For additional information please contact:
Simon Baker
Home Assist Canada

Home Assist Canada
Simon Baker