Shopping Online Reduces Stress and Saves Money

Using sites that offer coupon codes, clearance products and deep discounts for major brands clearly saves the Christmas shopper time and money. And, giving back to others in need should be a primary thought this holiday season.

Roanoke, VA, November 28, 2006 --( Making a list and checking it twice, we’re all gearing up for the holiday shopping season.  With shoppers saying they will increase their online spending this holiday season, it’s easy to see the trend to stay home and shop is becoming more and more common.  Avoiding the malls during Christmas shopping season is on everyone’s list.

To find a site that can truly save you money, however, can be a challenge.  Most popular shopping sites cater only to one store and very few offer deals from other sites along with their own deals.  While consumers benefit from this competition, online stores understand that advertising their competitor is not helpful to their bottom line. 

There are, however, impartial shopping sites that cater to the deals seeker.  One such site, (pronounced dozens), is becoming popular because of its impartiality per brand and store.  This site focuses on bringing deep discounts to eager consumers.  On the easy to navigate shopping site, one may find coupons for computers and MP3 players as easily as they’ll find books, housewares or designer clothing.  The site is helpfully broken down into categories, so finding what you need is embarrassingly simple, even for the net novice. 

For customers who are just browsing, and haven’t yet made up their mind on a particular gift or product, a Deals feed is available.  The deals feed can be subscribed to by RSS or by email.  This is particularly helpful if a customer knows he or she will not be able to remember to visit the site daily. 

Robyn Tippins, the creator and owner of the site, had this to say about the online shopping site’s creation, “Duzins meets a need for families and anyone looking to spend less this Christmas season, without lowering the quality of their holiday.” With 4 children of her own, Robyn knows that families often struggle just to meet their own gift giving needs, and of course, rarely have the money to participate in charity projects. “Hopefully, families can save enough to share their bounty with others.  Christmas is a time when we simply must reach those who are hurting.  Whether you visit or not, please take time this holiday season to reach out to those in need.” is spotlighting Operation Christmas Child in its Charity Links to reach out to those children who either don’t have parents, or whose parents aren’t in a position to outlay even $5 dollars for a Christmas gift.  Please see the site’s Charity Links area to learn more.

Yes, we all want to help others.  But, if we can't even afford to meet the needs of our own, global outreach just isn’t possible.  If you know that this year is the year you have to buckle down on your spending, this Christmas shopping season consider visiting an online retailer to save time and money. was created with you and your family in mind.

Duzins of Deals
Robyn Tippins