Answers Ancient Riddles Through Dreams via Spirit Guides in the Book, Life is What You Make It

Life Is What You Make It by T.D. Watson available now at Answers to many questions humankind have struggled with throughout time.

Saint Louis, MO, May 25, 2010 --( “A Soul Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”

T.D. Watson’s Life Is What You Make It gives definitive answers to many of the world’s oldest questions.

Is there a life after death? What did the Egyptians know about the afterlife? What are Ancient Aliens, the meaning of life, God, the Devil, Heaven & Hell and everything in between?

Enlightened by passed lives through his dreams T.D. Watson has become aware of what is to come after death.

Life Is What You Make It is a culmination of dream journals and the Earthly experiences of T.D. Watson.

(ISBN 1451545630 US Trade Paperback 5" x 8" 292 pp $24.95)

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Theodore D. Watson
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