New Release Published by Dog Ear Publishing Puts Humorous Spin on Garden of Eden, God’s Creations

Seneca Falls, NY, May 26, 2010 --( This book, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is a fictional tale about God and his universe. Readers are invited to discover how God developed, nurtured and expanded the universe until he accidentally discovered the existence of life and why evolution forces came to dominate life’s creations. The author’s unorthodox views of God as a being who gets drunk, needs reading glasses and loses track of time may amuse readers or lead them to denounce them as cynical, depending on their political views.

As this imaginative work opens, God reveals how his memory began slipping after he gets a beating from Father Time, affecting his daily work. He needs to get his memory back but doesn’t trust doctors, so he endures a series of failed remedies: taking vitamins, self-help tapes and potions promoted by a group of shyster healers and personal assistants from a temp agency. He finally decides to create his own assistant, who comes up with the reason for God’s lack of memory – he too many responsibilities, is underpaid, underappreciated and is reported not to exist. As God institutes the assistant’s suggestions, such as outsourcing answering prayers, his memory begins to return.

A few billion years later, God and his bar-hopping friends discover the pleasures of sex, with God taking credit for its creation. Eventually organic life all over the universe clamors for it, with the entire press corps naming God as “the most creative genius out there.” His relationship with the press isn’t so rosy for another project – the creation of life, a hobby that takes on a life of its own. God soon must hire a publicist to counter act all the inaccurate Internet stories and incorrect rumors. As the story unfolds, the author puts his humorous spin on everything from God’s appearance as a TV chef to politicians, lawyers, unions and the Garden of Eden.

The author, who wishes to remain anonymous, was born in 1950 and grew up in a small manufacturing community in New York State. He was drafted in the Army and served two years in the Canal Zone before being honorably discharged. He attended Brooklyn College as a history major and spent more than 25 years as a white-collar worker in the construction industry.

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