Bathys Hawaii Announces Bomb Timer Watch

Bathys Hawaii has announced the Bomb Timer – a new timepiece from this small, exclusive Hawaii-based firm. Based directly on watches removed from Allied bombers as souvenirs by GIs returning home after World War 2, The Bomb Timer updates the 1940s design to incorporate modern materials and 100M water resistance.

Honolulu, HI, May 24, 2010 --( Background

When the WWII ended, many GIs brought home war relics and one of the more popular souvenirs were console-mounted clocks which bombardiers and other members of the air crew would then attach to a crude leather strap to fashion themselves a wristwatch. After all they had been through over the skies of Europe and The Pacific, they deserved it.

Bathys Pays Tribute

It was one of these “Bomb Timer” wristwatches that Bathys Hawaii owner Dr. John Patterson spotted at a vintage watch fair and that got him pondering the idea of doing a tribute watch that captured the overall look and design of the original clocks while utilizing modern materials and a modern movement.


The newly updated Bomb Timer features a large steel 52mm x 35mm rectangular case that closely mimics the originals. Inside beats a classic manual-wind pocket watch movement, the ETA 6947. To accurately recapitulate the design of the original timepiece, the movement has been installed ‘upside down’ with the crown in the 9:00 position protected by crown guards that look identical to the WW2 mounting tabs that affixed the clock to the bomber control panel. Both the front and the back of the watch are visually striking: the front with the very large subsidiary second hand, and the back with a sapphire exhibition window displaying the well-decorated manual wind movement. The layout of the dial is quite different than any other watch out there, with a huge, 17 mm subsidiary second - though in this case ‘subsidiary’ is a name only because the second hand is anything but secondary to the hour and minute hand – it stands out as equally important. The entire case is milled from 316L stainless steel and will be PVD coated black for some models. The case incorporates a screw crown to hermetically seal the interior against water entry down to 100 meters (330 feet).

Price and Availablility

Currently The Bomb Timer is still in the prototype stage, with production slated to begin in 2011. Pricing (approximate) $1800-2000.

Bathys Hawaii Watch Co.
John Patterson
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