REGI Books Announces the Latest Novel by d. E. Rogers, Crossing Color Lines

San Lorenzo, CA, August 14, 2010 --( Author d. E. Rogers announces the release of his sixth novel, “Crossing Color Lines.” The book, which focuses on racial relations, comes at a good time, as people around the country have a renewed sense of hope regarding this issue since President Obama’s election.

“Now that he has taken office, people are beginning to talk about the need for equality based on opportunity, and about how his winning the election has changed things,” explains d. E. Rogers, author of the book, which is being published by REGI Books and is available online and in bookstores. “Race in America is an issue that we may finally be able to start addressing.”

“Crossing Color Lines” follows the story of Chase Cain, someone who as a child witnessed the brutal hanging of his father. Since he has lighter skin, he is able to use it in a way that he believes will be his advantage, and ‘pass’ as a white man. He sets out to gain all the things he desires – friends, love, and wealth – but ultimately the way he has chosen to live his life ends up causing his demise.

The novel asks a candid question that many of us have pondered: If you had the opportunity to choose your race, would you remain true to your birthright, or would you opt for the race that you believe can provide you with the greatest benefit? That is a question that the main character must answer, live and experience.

“We always think that other people have it so much better,” adds Rogers. “But would you want to make such a fundamental change, or would you choose to stick with the race into which you were born? It’s a hypothetical question, but one that we should all consider.”

This latest book focuses on real-life drama. By taking this approach, Rogers shows that he has the ability to look race issues in the eye, bringing them to the forefront in a compelling and riveting manner.

About d. E. Rogers:
An accomplished author, d. E. Rogers has written five published novels: “Counterfeit Friends,” “I Know She Didn’t,” “Just Like Your Daddy,” “Color Line,” and “White Lie.” He has also had several short films produced, for which he has received great recognition. His latest book, “Crossing Color Lines,” is available in bookstores and online. To learn more about d. E. Rogers, visit the Web site at

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