Google, McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs Take the Top 3 Spots Among MBA Students in the United States

Based on more than 21,561 employer evaluations, reflecting the opinions of approximately 5,732 MBA students, Universum – Americas, presents the 2010 US MBA Top IDEALTM Employers.

Philadelphia, PA, May 26, 2010 --( Universum – Americas, announced today the results of its annual MBA employer image survey, also known as the IDEALTM Employer Survey.

Based on the frequency of being selected as an IDEALTM employer, Universum produces an IDEALTM employer ranking, dubbed the Universum Top 100. The rankings reflect the level of employer attractiveness that companies or organizations have on the recruitment market, and consequently the strength of their employer brands.

Google takes the first position for the fourth year in a row as Bain & Company drops to number 6 from number 3 in 2009, Goldman Sachs moves up to number 3, followed by The Boston Consulting Group, who also increases in the rankings. In turn, 3 investment banks made the top 15 IDEALTM Employer’s among MBA students nationwide.

"Being a part of the rebuilding of the investment banking industry is really appealing," said Camille Kelly, Vice President of Employer Branding at Universum. "The opportunity to work at a company when it's on the road to recovery is a great chance to make an impact at your first job out of school."

The Top 20 IDEALTM Employers: 2010 vs. 2009

Top 20 [2010]: 1. Google, 2. McKinsey & Company, 3. Goldman Sachs, 4. The Boston Consulting Group, 5. Apple Computer, 6.Bain & Company, 7.J.P. Morgan, 8. Walt Disney Company, 9. Nike, 10. Johnson & Johnson, 11. Amazon, 12. Deloitte, 13. The Blackstone Group, 14. Morgan Stanley, 15. Microsoft, 16. General Electric, 17. Procter & Gamble, 18. IDEO, 19. The Coca-Cola Company, 20. Credit Suisse.

Top 20 [2009]: 1. Google, 2. McKinsey & Company, 3. Bain & Company, 4. Goldman Sachs, 5. Apple Computer, 6. The Boston Consulting Group, 7. Walt Disney Company, 8. Nike, 9. J.P. Morgan, 10. Johnson & Johnson 11. The Blackstone Group, 12.Microsoft, 13.General Electric, 14.Morgan Stanley, 15. IDEO, 16. Deloitte, 17. Procter & Gamble, 18. Amazon, 19. The Coca-Cola Company, 20. Pepsi Co.

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About the Universum Top 100 IDEALTM Employer Rankings – US MBA Edition
The results are based on the answers of 5,732 students, studying to receive their MBA, and 21,561 number of individual employer evaluations from 50 schools nationwide. Each respondent is presented with a list of 290 national and international employers, nominated by the target group through an independent and structured nomination and assessment process, which prevents companies unfairly influencing their position. Respondents acknowledge those companies they would consider working for. Of the companies selected as ‘considered employers,’ the respondents then select their five ‘Ideal Employers.’ The rankings, dubbed the Universum Top 100, measure the level of employer attractiveness of companies or organisation on the recruitment market.

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