AscendoSoft Inc. Enters New Market – AMISYS Advance Address Cleansing

Redmond, WA, May 28, 2010 --( AscendoSoft Inc., an address quality software and services company with extensive AMISYS Advance experience, today announced a new solution for cleansing mailing addresses. The solution is available for immediate delivery. AMISYS Advance customers can now verify and cleanse addresses directly in the AMISYS Advance database.

“We are looking forward to expanding into the AMISYS Advance market,” said Alex Givens, CTO of AscendoSoft Inc. “Our new solution is now available and we will continue to extend our solution to meet market requirements. It provides verification and cleansing of addresses directly within the AMISYS Advance Oracle database, so customers no longer need to extract data to have the addresses cleansed. Extract, cleanse, then load is a cumbersome, error prone process.”

James Holck, AscendoSoft CSO, adds “Our marketing and sales efforts will be focused on awareness of our solution and we are targeting several new customers before the year is over. The Return-on-Investment (ROI) of our Address Cleansing solution is significant, annually returning several times the annual subscription fee. Our customers prefer the subscription model, since there isn’t a large capital outlay for the product. This model reduces initial costs and helps secure management buy-in.”

AscendoSoft’s Address Cleansing Solution delivers maximum value for organizations that have their own customer databases. Returned undeliverable mail is expensive and requires manual effort to re-process and AscendoSoft can minimize this cost by automating the verification and cleansing. The solution also prevents undeliverable mail from being sent. AscendoSoft verifies addresses in real-time before they are entered into the database and cleanses them in batch as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

About AscendoSoft Inc. - AscendoSoft was founded by an experienced group of software solutions experts and delivers products and services to customers within various vertical markets, such as financials, healthcare, retail, etc. AscendoSoft provides business value to customers by integrating products with key applications, understanding specific industry issues, providing first-class services and training, and becoming a trusted advisor to its expanding customer base. AscendoSoft has partnered with a small number of software companies that provide best of breed products, such as: Address Verification and Cleansing (Data Quality), Secure PKI Digital Signature (Electronic Signature), and Reporting/Analytics. AscendoSoft Inc. is located in Redmond, WA. See for more information.

AscendoSoft Inc.
Brian Miller