Sheffield Hydroponics Firm See Growing Online Sales

Having seen an unusually high level of growth during the recession period, Green Spirit Hydroponics in Sheffield is ready to launch their new website. Hydroponics is a booming industry, and Green Spirit see the growth potential to be mainly online.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, May 29, 2010 --( Hydroponics is an industry that has a large following, in terms of both residential custom and industry based sales. Using light and heat to grow plants, vegetables, fruit and herbs, for some this is the only way around the poor growing climate we have in the UK. Government studies are showing that with population rises in the coming years, the hydroponics method of growing will be the answer to sustainability headaches.

With many years of online trading behind them, Green Spirit Hydroponics (Sheffield) has seen a large rise in the exposure of this market place, although they see huge room for growth. General Manager Sam Bullivant believes there is still a large percentage of people in the UK who are yet to see the benefits of Hydroponics: “Ask a class full of teenagers what Hydroponics is, and only a handful will know. This kind of technology and method of growing plants [and other edible produce like vegetables and fruits] is little known with certain groups of people.”

He went on to add: “There are certain socio-economic backgrounds which result in large numbers of people not ever knowing what Hydroponics is- this just don’t ever see it working and aren’t exposed to it. The difference over the coming years will be that more schools will teach about Hydroponics as a sustainable source of food.”

As Green Spirit are seeing the rise in popularity now, they believe it is time to introduce a more comprehensive online range, adding to the thousands of products they already promote on their website. Because of the massive range of growing techniques involved with Hydroponics, there are inevitably many products. “At first it is daunting when you see how many different products we sell. But when you get into the World of Hydroponics growing, it’s quite fun. Our customers love coming back and trying new systems, lighting, growing medium etc. We have just launched some new LED lights and we can’t get enough to supply the demand,” said Mr Bullivant.

Green Spirit Hydroponics is based in Sheffield, with a large showroom including sample growing systems.

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