Huntington Reproductive Center Performs Shared IVF Cycle for Best Friends and Both Give Birth to Twins

Earlier this year, Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC Fertility) was the setting for the touching journey of two best friends undergoing a "shared" In Vitro Fertilization cycle.

Pasadena, CA, June 04, 2010 --( Earlier this year, Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC Fertility) was the setting for the touching journey of two best friends undergoing In Vitro Fertilization. Their success was attributed to the talent and technology at one the nation’s top fertility centers and also to the generosity and strength inherent in their special friendship.

Alma and Gabriela have been best friends since the second grade. As little girls often do, they talked about how they would get married one day and have babies at the same time. Unfortunately, after Gabriela got married she struggled with infertility. She was devastated over failed fertility treatments, including an IVF cycle with a donor egg. Alma easily got pregnant with her first child (Benjamin, 7) but she and her husband struggled with unexplained secondary infertility for several years. At one point, after discussing it with her husband, Alma decided to offer her eggs to Gabriela. Gabriela was touched but didn't take them up on their offer. However, once it became clear that Alma would have to go through in vitro fertilization herself in order to have another child, Gabriela said yes. The two friends decided to go through the emotionally challenging process together.

Led by HRC’s Dr. John G. Wilcox, MD, FACOG, Alma and Gabriela decided to undergo a “shared cycle.” Under this type of treatment, each woman prepares for In Vitro Fertilization, but only one woman produces the eggs to be used. The eggs of the “donating” female are split between the two women and then are fertilized (in this case by each of the women’s spouses). Then, the resulting embryos are transferred accordingly.

From the beginning, Alma and Gabriela decided to split the eggs that were retrieved evenly. After the process they each were informed that they had 4 fertilized eggs. They both went in to HRC on the same day to have their fertilized eggs implanted. Just a few weeks later they were told that the procedures were successful, and they were both pregnant with twins!

“When the day came for the phone call from HRC to inform us whether we were pregnant, anxiety plagued my morning,” remembers Alma. “My worst nightmare was that only one of us would have success.”

So now, Alma and Gabriela would not only have the pleasure of carrying their in vitro miracles at the same time, but they would have the distinction of mothering twins together as well. They were thrilled to have each other for support and guidance. On January 10, 2010, Alma gave birth to Julian and Anderson. Aidan and Isabella were born to Gabriela 17 days later.

“We never imagined that our childhood plans of having children at the same time would actually become a reality,” says Gabriela.

Alma explains, “These four babies are a testament to the perseverance and medical talent of Dr. John Wilcox. We knew the odds of even one of us getting pregnant were low. When we took the four babies back to HRC to visit with Dr. Wilcox and his staff, he reminded us of the odds that we had beaten by having four babies between the two of us, and it took my breath away.”

For more than 20 years, HRC has introduced and perfected new fertility treatments, and their impressive fertility success rates are due to their commitment to cutting edge reproductive technology. While HRC’s centers have been home to many touching stories about couples struggling to have a family, the journey shared by Alma and Gabriela is one to be remembered.

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