12 Ways to Relieve Shopping Stress and Get Better Customer Service During the Holidays

The I-Hate-Shopping "Queen" offers 12 tips in a downloadable e-book to help those frustrated with shopping during the holidays ease their stress. From June Van Klaveren, the I-Hate-Shopping "Queen."

Manchester, MO, December 01, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Nearly every shopper in the U.S. experiences some type of customer service frustration during the holidays. A new e-book provides 12 tried and true techniques for reducing shopping stress during this time of year. June Van Klaveren, respected customer service authority and author of The Edge Up, (www.theedgeup.com) has produced this e-book to help others like herself who are faced with lousy customer service any time of the year, but particularly during the holidays.

“I hate getting bad service in stores, and for that reason, I don’t enjoy shopping. After observing countless examples of poor service, I decided to take things into my own hands and come up with some methods to reduce my shopping stress,” explains Van Klaveren. Those methods are explained in the e-book.

June’s 12 tips include:
·        The best low-stress time to shop.
·        How to get the store’s associate on your side immediately.
·        What a consumer can do to demand better service.
·        How to be heard in a sea of customers.

This information is included in the e-book and is available at www.compelcom.com/ihateshopping for $9.95 plus tax (in Missouri).

Call today for more information on the e-book or to request an interview before the holidays.

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June Van Klaveren