Empire Medical Training New Techniques in Facial Aesthetics Courses for Dentists & Dermatologists

Empire Medical Training New techniques in dermatological procedures allow faster evaluation and treatment with less scarring. Learn new cosmetic laser treatments that utilize new equipment with excellent results.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Aesthetic Workshops for Dentists & Dermatologists

Dermatology Procedures for the Primary Care Practice Dallas, TX Sep 11-12 2010
Upcoming Medical Training Programs for June 2010:
Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics Training Philadelphia, PA Jun 11
Anti-Aging and Integrative Hormone Therapies Philadelphia, PA Jun 12
Comprehensive Botox Cosmetic Training Philadelphia, PA Jun 12
Cosmetic & Laser Procedures for Primary Care Philadelphia, PA Jun 12-13
Weight Management and Medical Fitness Philadelphia, PA Jun 13
Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training Philadelphia, PA Jun 13
Tumescent Liposuction w/Laser Lipolysis (1064 Wavelength) Las Vegas, NV Jun 24-25
Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics Training Charlotte, NC Jun 25
Comprehensive Botox Cosmetic Training Charlotte, NC Jun 26
Pain Management Procedures Fort Lauderdale, FL Jun 26-27
Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training Charlotte, NC Jun 27
Advanced Pain Management Fort Lauderdale, FL Jun 27
Vascular Ultrasound Fort Lauderdale, FL Jun 28-29
Acne Therapies for an Aesthetic Practice Fort Lauderdale, FL Jun 30
Future dates, locations, & Catalogs also available

Empire Medical Training has been a leading training institution providing Aesthetic, Medical and Surgical training with the newest and most updated procedures in medical technology since 1998. Empire continuously adds new training programs to provide the specific training programs that are in the highest demand and in new cities to reach more medical professionals with the desire to further their education.

Empire Medical Training is here to prepare Dentists and all students to specialize in a variety of areas and to practice a number of comprehensive procedures including Botox Cosmetic, Dermal Filler and Facial Aesthetics Training with new additions including Aesthetic Fast Track (multiple events seminar) and Private Aesthetic Training (At Your Office). With increased schedules for Cosmetic Laser, Traditional Sclerotherapy, Mesotherapy, Cellulite, & Lip Therapies as these services continue to grow in popularity among patients.

Primary Care Physicians often refer patients for dermatological procedures that the physician could have performed in the office setting. Many physicians are becoming interested in learning Dermatology procedures due to increased demand and the additional revenue that these procedures can create. New techniques in dermatological procedures allow faster evaluation and treatment with less scarring.

This course covers cryosurgery, radiofrequency excision, modern Electrosurgery, biopsy techniques, and basic suturing principles. Master the specific treatments for lipomas, seborrheics, basal cell and squamous cell cancers, melanomas, ingrown toenails, warts, cysts, actinics, skin tags, chalazions, abscesses and many others. Utilize the various types of equipment needed and learn specific methods to ensure consistent appropriate reimbursement and how to market this new service.

Empires Comprehensive Dermatology Training program is a hands-on workshop taught by a Board Certified Dermatologists that will simplify these procedures and create a comfort level for the student performing them. Following this course each Dentist or Physician will be able to recognize the numerous skin lesions that can be treated surgically in a primary care setting.

Empire Medical Training is a nationally recognized CME Training Institution and all programs are taught by a professional faculty that consists of a team of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Anesthesiologists. Empire is an American based organization providing further education in the medical industry for a variety of Health Care Professionals including Physicians, Dentists and Nurses.

There are many workshop dates available for Pain Management Injection Procedures, Facial Aesthetics, Liposuction, Mesotherapy, Cellulite, and Lipo Therapies courses and each cover all the performance techniques necessary but also with all Empire training programs they offer dedicated time to teach specific business and marketing strategies to help create new revenue into existing practices.

View live video training seminars and testimonials at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=empire+medical+training&aq=f

For convenience Empire Medical Training has the Private Pain Management Training (At Your Office) and coming soon the Aesthetics Fast Track multiple events seminar for details on either of these programs or any other medical training workshop contact Dr. Stephen Cosentino toll free at 1-866-333-6747 or at http://www.empiremedicaltraining.com

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