California Small Business Social Media Shortcut

Social Media for Business has exploded onto the California small business website marketing scene, and with it an abundance of hesitation and confusion. Using a Social Media Marketing Guide has been recommended to provide structure and a plan to achieve success.

Los Angeles, CA, June 06, 2010 --( Local Business Marketing with has announced the immediate release of their Social Media Marketing Guide as a shortcut for California businesses to participate in the Social Media world, and have the opportunity to cut through the confusion and information overload that they are currently experiencing.

Vicki Zerbee, Small Business Website Marketing and Social Media Specialist with Local Business Marketing states, "With the number of social media websites available on the internet today, the strategic ways that each are used, and the fact that social media marketing is very different from traditional offline marketing, it is no wonder that small businesses do not know where to start with this new marketing platform. We are taking the guesswork out for them."

Businesses understand that they need to have a website presence. With consumers going to the internet to find out information about products, services, and local businesses, more than they go to the phone book or newspaper, all businesses must be online. Once they get their website up and running, the majority of small businesses struggle to market it.

"We have found that businesses who have a social media strategy or a plan can realize remarkable results," Zerbee commented. She went on to say, "And for a limited time we are including our 5 Point Checklist for companies to verify they have their website structured correctly to market it online. Small business owners are shocked to find that websites they spent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to have made are actually hurting them in terms of advertising on the internet."

California small business owners are confused about how to participate in Social Media most effectively. Can they do it in-house? How much time does it take? What social websites work best and how do you use each individual site? What is the difference between blogs, bookmarking sites, networking sites, etc.? What if they desire to outsource the work? The list of questions is endless.

Zerbee concludes, "There is a definite need for a Social Media Marketing Guide that will help small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs as well, to participate in this new Social Media world and to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. There is a lot of information on the internet, but it is scattered and hard to put together into a workable plan without months or even years of studying how to use Social Media. We created this guide as a shortcut to get started right away."

To learn more about the Social Media Marketing Guide, and for a limited time how to get a Five Point Check List that will help most small businesses improve their internet marketing results almost immediately, at no extra cost, visit

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