The RebelWoman Show Host, Jann Taber, Competes to be Oprah's Next TV Star

Oprah Winfrey and Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor and The Apprentice) are looking for TV's next star and Sacramentan Jann Taber, host of The Rebelwoman Show, is competing for the top spot.

Sacramento, CA, June 07, 2010 --( Oprah is searching for the next big TV star to host a talk show on the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and The RebelWoman Show host, Jann Taber, is serious about winning the competition.

“My OWN show is going to be a traditional talk show about ordinary people creating extraordinary lives with a cool reality twist – courageous competitors going after daring dreams. Think 'Oprah meets the Apprentice,'" said Taber, who has been working for, and in the news media, 30+ years and is president of Rebel PR.

Competitors must submit a three-minute audition video and/or attend an in-person casting call in one of four major cities in June. Taber is doing both.

You can view, comment and vote for Taber’s audition tape at

She will also be attending the casting call in Orange County on June 19 at the Kohl’s in Laguna Niguel.

If Taber makes it into the top 10, she’ll be on a reality show competition. If she wins, she gets her OWN show on Oprah’s new network, which will be produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor and The Apprentice).

Taber launched The RebelWoman Show on the Web in June 2008.

“I plan to Own this competition and take The RebelWoman Show to the Oprah Winfrey Network,” said Taber.

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Tony Estigoy