A Book Published by Drs Willem Ernst Van Der Roest, with a New Answer to the Question of How Humans Developed a Natural Language

Drs Willem Ernst van der Roest has recently published his book: ‘Critique of Natural Language. Human Being: The species that begat itself a future’, that may raise a bit of dust in the world of thinkers about the origin of language in man, as it gives an answer to the question: “How does the process of representation actually occur?” An answer to this question has hitherto been called a black box, in the work of Rene Girard, the world’s leading thinker in this field.

Tuitjenhorn, Netherlands, June 07, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Up till now, the question of how humans developed a natural language has been answered by a number of theories, most of which, are described and discussed in this book and considered too naive, except for one by another eminent thinker in the field of origin of language: Mr Eric Gans. His answer to the same question is amply discussed and finally rejected.

The answer as described in the book of Mr Van der Roest is called the Addection theory. According to Mr Vander Roest: "This theory does explain how the process of representation occurs and in what way the sign emerges, thus explaining the emergence of a natural language in humans. This means that the black box in the work of Girard has been made transparent, closing the gap between nature and culture that has been puzzling for so many generations for such a long time."

The book is presently available at www.lulu.com and will appear a few weeks from now on www.amazon.com.

The price is: $ 23.97

Willem Ernst van der Roest
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