MET Laboratories UL Certification Programs Create New Opportunities for Electrical Contractors

MET now offers UL 508A / 609A Listed Industrial Control Panel and UL 48 Listed Sign Shop programs. These programs allow electrical contractors to become manufacturers, creating dymanic buisness opportunities and company growth.

Cary, NC, June 10, 2010 --( Electrical Contractors involved in commercial projects regularly buy or install control panels from control panel builders. However, the process for becoming a UL Listed Control Panel or Electric Sign shop is very practical and cost effective for many of these companies. Recently, many contractors have made the decision to diversify with these programs that are a logical step and a natural addition to their business. It can also lead to greater profits and create opportunity for more work.

The MET Listed Industrial Control Panel program is straightforward. Several members of the staff are trained in the Control Panel Standards, usually UL508A and sometimes UL698A (For intrinsically safe circuits). After the training, the company has the ability to send out Listed control panels, as long as the proper records are kept, and the periodic Testing lab visits are passed. This program is available for products sold in the US and Canada.

The MET UL 48 Sign Shop program is similar, with some additional requirements for testing after construction is completed. Brad Collison, Engineering Manager for MET Southeast has guided numerous companies into this program “Many of these control panel builders are adding this capability because the shop setup and requirements are similar. These programs can make a big difference to small businesses that often have to pass up work or segments of a project that involve control panels or electric signs,” says Collison.

Since the late 1970’s, OSHA was forced to allow other testing laboratories to be accredited and compete with UL. The result has been a benefit for manufacturers across North America – the ability to choose the best service possible, and to take advantage of lower prices for these programs that competition eventually brought to the electrical industry. The MET Industrial Control Panel and Electric Sign programs are rapidly growing in popularity, allowing electrical contractors to take part in a dynamic and profitable market.

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MET is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), approved by OSHA to certify multiple product categories. For information on MET, go to and select “N” from the alphabetical menu and go to the Nationally Recognized Testing Labs link. You can then look at the OSHA scope of accreditation for MET Laboratories. The MET Mark is well known and accepted by Electrical Inspectors and industry professionals across North America.

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Greg Smith