JournalTOCs Releases WattJournals: Every University & College Library Should Have One of These, But so Far, Only One Does

An example of a customisable Internet search service for journals with a local interface, aimed at university and college libraries.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, June 11, 2010 --( "Every university library should have one of these, but so far, only one does" - is the title of a blog post:

Towards the middle of the post is featured the first (and so far only) example of a new low cost alternative to expensive A&I database search services, which is called WattJournals WattJournals is provided through the JournalTOCs service.

WattJournals is an example of a customisable journal search service with a local interface. It searches only journals to which a library (in this particular case, Heriot-Watt) subscribes (plus some OA journals). Full text availability is guaranteed for members of the university concerned, it has a simple easy-to-use interface, etc. WattJournals essentially provides access to the content of those Heriot-Watt University subscribed journals which have Table of Contents (TOC) RSS feeds. There are now over 14,000 journals with TOC RSS feeds. WattJournals also enables searches to be saved for later use, and the export of citations to EndNote.

As libraries are faced with financial cutbacks, many may be forced to cancel subscriptions to expensive database search services. What will replace them? A low-cost alternative similar to WattJournals may be an alternative.

The details are contained in the blog post, and I think this may be of great interest to some libraries.

Roddy MacLeod
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