The Marsh Berkeley Presents "An Evening with The Groundlings," Four Short Pieces Addressing Some of Today’s More Pressing Social Issues, June 23

“An Evening With The Groundlings” will play for one-night-only on Wednesday June 23 at 7:30 pm at The Marsh Berkeley, 2120 Allston Way, off Shattuck. Featuring Rebecca Fisher, Mark McGoldrick, Wayne Harris and Paul Sussman.

San Francisco, CA, June 11, 2010 --( The Marsh is pleased to present “An Evening With The Groundlings,” four short pieces addressing some of the more pressing social issues of the day. All four pieces were originally part of The Marsh’s recent Festival Of New Voices II, which featured new full-length and shorter solo works from up-and-coming local performers developed in The Marsh’s Performance Initiative. “An Evening With The Groundlings” will play for one-night-only on Wednesday June 23 at 7:30 pm at The Marsh Berkeley, 2120 Allston Way, off Shattuck. For tickets, the public can visit or call Brown Paper Tickets at 800-838-3006.

The group is called the Groundlings because the performers serve as ‘eyewitnesses,’ giving the view from the ground during the current economic crisis in California and beyond. In real life, they include a public defender, a school administrator, an educator and a public housing advocate. The performances are as follows:

“Memphis On My Mind by Rebecca Fisher” (Local Politics). Whether she's undercover at a ‘Drinking Liberally’ meeting or interviewing the only man to have done a fist-bump with the Dalai Lama, Fisher provides in-depth reporting on the recent mayoral election in one of America's finest examples of economic desperation, Memphis Tennessee. Her critically acclaimed first solo show, “The Magnificence of the Disaster,” created as part of the 2006 Marsh Performance Initiative, enjoyed successful runs at both The Marsh and at Playhouse on the Square in Memphis. She is the co-creator and co-producer of the East Bay solo performance series, Tell it on Tuesday.

“Board Policy 213” by Wayne Harris (Public Education). The public school system as we know it is under siege. Harris details the consequences of budget cuts, politics and beleaguered bureaucrats in this triad of stories that takes snapshots of the carnage. The daily trials of a school administrator, a PowerPoint presentation out of control and the story of Icarus paint a bleak landscape for the most important institution in the state, Public Education. Harris’ previous performances at The Marsh include the critically acclaimed “Mother’s Milk” and “Train Stories. ” His latest play “The May Day Parade” was developed as part of the 2007 Marsh Performance Initiative and had successful runs in both Canada and the United States. When not on stage, Harris works for the East Bay School District.

“Stuck” by Mark McGoldrick (Social Justice). A typical day in a criminal court, not a jury trial or anything fancy, just a Restitution Calendar court for misdemeanor probationers. It’s a place where victims don’t get their money and poor people are squeezed for cash, maybe even thrown in jail for their lack of it. The only chance of justice is that which the deputy sheriff or public defender who staff the place can wrest from a bewildering system of laws. McGoldrick’s previous shows at The Marsh include “Public Defense,” “The Golden Hammer” and, most recently, “Countercoup,” in which he described his rebellious youth, car crash and spinal cord injury. He has been a deputy public defender in the East Bay for 15 years.

“Do The Math” by Paul Sussman (Public Discourse). If you line up all the homeless in San Francisco, how far would it stretch? To the Civic Center? To the moon and back? In this time of compassion fatigue, are we ready to go the extra mile? Sussman explores the ways we talk, think and argue about the homeless. He developed his approach to melodrama and farce through years of work in financial management with Bay Area nonprofit organizations. At The Marsh he has written and performed a series of short solo pieces seen through the eyes of road-ragers, insects, Anabaptists, cannibals, and others who persist in the search for meaning amidst puzzling evidence.

For Calendar Editors:
When: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 At 7:30 Pm
Where: The Marsh Berkeley, 2120 Allston Way (Off Shattuck)
1062 Valencia Street Between 21st & 22nd Streets
Tickets: $15-35 Sliding Scale
Visit or call 1-800-838-3006

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