Accolades for New Book on Truman and MacArthur

The first major review on "Truman and MacArthur, Adversaries for A Common Cause," by Donald J. Farinacci, is filled with high critical praise.

Bennington, VT, June 12, 2010 --( A laudatory review by Bill McDonald, founder and reviewer for the prestigious Military Writers Society of America, calls "Truman and MacArthur, Adversaries for A Common Cause" by Donald J. Farinacci (Merriam Press 2010) "One of the Best Books on Truman and MacArthur... one of the top 25 books ever written on that time of our history... If you were only going to read one book about the Korean War and the politics of this time period, then this would be the book that you must read first to gain a better understanding of what happened and why." Taking note of the controversy which still rages today, 60 years after the start of the Korean War, over President Harry Truman's firing of General Douglas MacArthur as top commanding general in Korea, McDonald observes, "There are still many historians that feel General MacArthur was right. The debate rages on because of the present day world problems with both China and North Korea. Farinacci chronicles past events and brings them alive. He skillfully documents events while weaving a brilliant narrative."

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Donald J. Farinacci