AsymmetRx Medical Signs Multi Year Agreement with Ventana Medical a Member of the Roche Group

Boston, MA, June 11, 2010 --( AsymmetRx Medical, Inc. an Acton, MA based Biotechnology Company, announced the signing of a license agreement with Ventana Medical, A member of the Roche Group. This agreement provides Ventana with the exclusive license and distribution rights of their patented Prostate Cancer Diagnostic tool p63.

AsymmetRx Medical, Inc. holds the exclusive, worldwide license under the Harvard Medical School patent filings for the use of p63 antibodies to diagnose prostate and other cancers. This antibody is classified an IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) to aid pathologists in diagnosing prostate cancer. The p63 gene was discovered in the Harvard lab of AsymmetRx Medical founder Dr. Frank McKeon and the p63 prostate cancer diagnostic test was invented by a collaboration of labs at Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Peter F. McKeon, AsymmetRx’s President said, “Prostate cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose and the p63-based test adds a significant advantage to making the correct diagnosis.” This patented antibody aids the pathologists in the differential diagnosis of prostate cancer in conjunction with morphological findings. Numerous articles in top clinical journals have cited the accuracy and utility of p63 for prostate cancer diagnosis. It has become the gold standard used by leading hospitals, laboratories and experts worldwide.” “We are very excited about the agreement with Ventana as it will provide a platform to bring the p63 diagnostic test to patients worldwide.”

The p63 protein is a member of the p53 family, which also includes p73, and is expressed in the nucleus of basal cells in the epithelium. Markers of basal cells are useful in diagnostic pathology particularly when examining difficult prostate biopsies. Because p63 is localized to the nucleus of cells, it can offer distinct advantages over cytoplasmic labeling. The Prostate-63 Cancer Diagnostic Test features a mouse monoclonal antibody, clone 4A4, that recognizes the human p63 protein in the nucleus of prostatic basal cells and urothelial tissues. Ventana is expecting to have the test available to patients by this summer. Financial terms of this 18 year worldwide agreement were not disclosed.

About AsymmetRx Medical, Inc.
AsymmetRx Medical, Inc. is privately held and was founded in 2001 by scientists from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University to develop novel diagnostics, imaging agents, and therapies for urologic cancers including those affecting the bladder and prostate. Using strategies based on key advisors from private and academic clinicians and pathologists specializing in urologic cancers, AsymmetRx is committed to developing the most accurate tests for the analysis of prostate and bladder biopsies, as well as early detection tests that in the future will obviate the need for needle biopsies. AsymmetRx is committed to developing systems of imaging urologic cancers that will aid in the early treatment of such diseases, as well as therapies based on specific targeting of malignant cells in urologic cancers. The Wall Street Journal recognized AsymmetRx for one of the “Best Technologies” in the Biotech medical field in 2005. AsymmetRx succeeded in developing the first FDA cleared test for prostate cancer in needle biopsies based on the p63 antibody. It is anticipated that the p63-based test will assist in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of hundreds of thousands of men in the United States alone. More detailed information on the company and its mission may be found at

About Ventana Medical, Inc.
Ventana Medical is the world’s leading supplier of automated tissue diagnostic systems to the anatomical pathology market. Ventana’s instrument and reagent systems are used in clinical histology, cytology, and drug discovery laboratories around the globe. Through automation and systems integration, Ventana is standardizing and optimizing the slide staining process, thereby helping pathologists recommend treatment solutions that deliver superior patient care.

Ventana’s customers consist of hospital-based histology labs, independent reference labs, medical research centers, and drug discovery laboratories of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world. Additional information can be found at

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