Food-Waste Decomposing System Offers Food-Service Businesses in the Silicon Valley a Cutting-Edge Solution

Yahoo! is the Setting for Green Technology Creating Closed-Loop System for Food Waste

Sunnyvale, CA, June 13, 2010 --( FRG Waste Resources, Inc. (FRG), in keeping with its progressive, environment-friendly waste-diversion solutions, furnished the Yahoo! Campus in Sunnyvale, with a progressive and sustainable way to manage their food-waste. FRG has outfitted various food-service businesses with solutions for processing food waste sustainably, thereby steering this type of solid waste away from traditional landfill disposal. The eCorect™, designed with innovative, energy-saving technology, rapidly reduces the weight and volume of all food waste, including meat, fish, small bones, plate-scrap and compostable materials, using the eCorect™ patented mixing and dehydration process. The food-waste material is converted into a nutrient-rich, high-quality soil amendment within a 16-18-hour period without the use of water, enzymes or any other additives, resulting in zero discharges to either sewer or landfill.

“By dehydrating our kitchen scraps and paper towels we are lowering our carbon impact by lessening the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. My ultimate goal is to bring the compost back to the farmers that grow our vegetables…completing the circle!” says Chef Bob Hart, Bon Appétit Management Company at Yahoo!’s, Executive Chef. “The eCorect is simple to operate and offers a space-saving footprint.”

Tim Shea, President and CEO of FRG, added, “This system fits our business model for developing localized, sustainable waste-diversion strategies and has really started to take off in Northern California. FRG has installed a number of systems in the field, with several more installations in progress.”

FRG has developed alternative outlets for the processed food waste (output) generated by its customers in addition to its most popular use, as a soil amendment for creating a closed-loop system.

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Kathi Olson