US Casino Players Still Play Online Despite Ban

Almost 3 months since Sen. Frist passed a bill which was supposed to have ended online gambling in the US, it turns out players are still gambling online.

New York, NY, December 05, 2006 --( Gambling laws in the US are so full of loopholes that it seems that the recent gambling ban, which was tacked on to the Safe Ports Bill, has had little to no effect at all.

It has merely driven players underground, to websites like to find out how they can carry on gambling, and making their own choices, like the adults that they are.

However, while you make that these players are breaking the law, it turns out that they are perfectly within their rights to play, as the law only prohibited financial institutions from dealing with gambling sites, not the actual playing of the game. So if you can fund your account using another source then you can carry on gaming.

Players are turning to E-wallets such as Neteller, or Firepay to fund their games, although lots of big casinos are not accepting US players, there are a small number that still are.

You can check these out at , a homerum blog set up by a player, to let others know how to carry on.

Blog owner Randy Parkes commented, "I was upset when I thought I couldn't play Blackjack anymore. It felt like I had my rights taken away. Then after a bit of research I discovered some more sites, where you could play, so I thought I'd share them with some fellow Americans, who hadn't discovered this yet."

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Randy Parkes