Prospect Heights Animal Hospital Uses Latest Technology When Opening Up New Location

Prospect Heights Animal Hospital just opened their new location and is using the latest digital x-ray technology and digital photo capture of pets for easy identification.

Brooklyn, NY, June 15, 2010 --( Prospect Heights Animal Hospital is now taking new animal patients.

Come in and see the new animal hospital in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn NY.

This is a brand new facility with the latest equipment, such as the digital x-ray machine. This new technology gives instant and clear x-ray access and x-ray's can be e-mailed out. Dr Kuckelman explained the new equipment allows the Doctor to quickly see a digital image to assist with the care of your pet.

For Pet's safety, an elevator was installed, since sick or injured pets may not be able to be carried downstairs. Now pet patients can ride downstairs safely.

Dr Kuckelman also mentioned, many pet owners may have multiple pets, so all new patients have their picture taken. When speaking to owners on the phone, we have their pet information and a picture is very helpful. Also when you arrive for your vet visit, the staff can identify your pet by name, such as hello "Sadie."

Prospect Heights philosophy is to provide compassionate and complete care to all types of animals in all of their life stages, while focusing on each client’s unique needs.

The staff is proud to offer a range of services, such as internal medicine, general and orthopedic surgery, avian and exotic medicine and surgery, comprehensive laboratory diagnostics, dentistry, digital radiography, ultrasonography, and emergency and critical care.

Your pet’s well being is their primary concern, so please feel free to give them a call or stop in.

Prospect Heights Animal Hospital
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Prospect Heights Animal Hospital
Dr Linda Kuckelman