Philip Coppens Launches Online Course on 2012 Phenomenon

Following on the success of his 2012 DVD, “2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of Ages,” Philip Coppens has now launched an online course on the subject. The online course is set out to explain what 2012 and the 2012 phenomenon is all about – and what it is not about.

Los Angeles, CA, June 16, 2010 --( For more than a decade, and especially with the 2012 movie that was released in November 2009, there has been massive confusion and many misconceptions about 2012: the end of the world? Just another year? Or something else? Hence the need for a course that sets wrongs right, and separates the fact from the fiction.

In “Fact vs Fiction: Dispelling the Myths and Uncovering the Truth,” Coppens delves into the Mayan calendar, Mayan creation mythology and why this is of pivotal importance for the 2012 phenomenon, the Hopi prophecies, the Age of Aquarius and TimeWave Zero. He reveals aspects of 2012 which will surprise most, and which will bring about a novel understanding. It shows that 2012 is about opportunities, both as individuals and society, and how to meet these.

Coppens comments: “There are now hundreds of books on 2012, and as many theories. It has resulted in mass confusion on what 2012 is truly about and is creating with some people panic, as they believe the world could indeed end. Education on the subject is therefore required, and this course brings everyone to the core of the phenomenon.”

Created in co-operation with Global Event Source, President Marianne Wilson states: “We anticipate this being one of the most popular courses we have put together for an author. Coppens does an excellent job of sorting out fact from fiction and conveying the information in a way that is both easy to understand and extremely interesting.”

The course is accessed at and consists of twelve modules, each composed of text and audio – the latter more than one hour long. The normal price is 89 dollars, but the course is launched at the special price of 39 US dollars only. The course is developed with the help of Global Event Source.

Philip Coppens
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