New Radio Show-Consciousness Systems Starts on Real Coaching Radio Network

How to play the game of life? - Dr Dean Allen's new weekly media radio show with Co-host Coach Steve Toth the founder of Real Coaching Radio Network- "Consciousness Systems" starts this Tuesday at 3 PM Eastern beginning June 15th, 2010.

Denver, CO, June 17, 2010 --( The show is about the Consciousness of Wellness and how wellness is defined by the 23 Organ/Gland Energy Systems and human beings ability to perceive and express; Purpose, Plan and Function consciously before past trauma memory makes emotional decisions in the present time.

The show provides numerous insightful examples of how the Organ/Gland Language naturally integrates everything physically, emotionally and mentally in life; that programs the Spirit Life-force energy into either fulfillment or survival depending on clarity or consciousness for energetic Reality.

This show will further discuss how Dr Allen uses infrared technology to track and measure drag from specific trauma memory circuits and then uses this insight to raise client’s consciousness for Where & When & How & Who & What they are doing in their Life daily that is creating their problems from past memory. Also, be discussing specific organ/gland energy functions, traumas and dysfunctional defensive programming that subtracts from personal power to create what the Spirit desires.

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Steve Toth