Service Provider TCT Deploys Lightning Protection from Alset in Its Remote Wyoming Equipment Cabinets

TCT, a telecom service provider in Wyoming and Montana, is the first company in the mountain states to apply the Lightning Shield technology from Alset Corp. to protect its electronic equipment in remote locations.

Seattle, WA, June 17, 2010 --( TCT, which provides voice, video, and Internet services in Wyoming and Montana, is the first company in the mountain states to apply the Lightning Shield technology from Alset Corp. to protect its electronic equipment in remote locations, Alset announced today.

Alset’s Lightning Shield protects telecommunications and other electronic equipment installed in rural sites from the harmful ground currents caused by nearby lightning strikes. Lightning Shield is also a critical protection solution for utilities, railroads, airports, and other industries that rely on remotely located equipment.

Based in Basin, Wyoming, TCT serves a large area in north central and northwestern Wyoming and southern Montana. The 57-year-old company began as a telephone cooperative and has eagerly embraced new technology as it has grown over the years.

TCT was an early provider of DSL services, and in 1996 installed 500 miles of fiber-optic cable to connect its telephone exchanges. It formed an Internet service provider subsidiary in 1997, was offering video, voice, and Internet services by 2000, and by 2003 was offering high-speed wireless broadband.

With the 50-amp version of Lightning Shield deployed in some very remote areas, TCT can be assured that the equipment in those cabinets will be protected from damage caused by nearby lightning strikes. TCT is also able to manage Lightning Shield remotely, using Alset’s Remote Manager, communicating over SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Alset’s Lightning Shield helps ensure uninterrupted service and high reliability, particularly for commercial grade broadband and backhaul services. Lightning Shield is a new technology that – by protecting against harmful ground currents caused by nearby lightning strikes – provides security beyond what grounding and surge protection can offer.

Lightning Shield protects against threats that conventional surge protection and grounding do not address. The danger from a nearby lightning ground strike is that its high frequency energy travels through the earth to the remote equipment site, saturates the grounding system, and forces fault current through the electronic equipment on the bonded power circuits. Eliminating this fault path through the electronics, by temporarily isolating the equipment from the power connection, protects the equipment for the duration of the lightning threat.

“TCT is a company that is firmly rooted in customer service, so it is important to us to keep our equipment operating at all times,” said Richard Wardell, Network Manager of TCT. “We have been a pioneer among small rural telephone companies in providing the latest technology to our customers, and we are using Lightning Shield to make sure that no lightning outages inconvenience our customers.”

“The promise we make is that Lightning Shield keeps lightning in the ground and off your circuits,” said Gary Fox, president of Alset Corp. “It protects your equipment and assures that your services aren’t interrupted, even in the toughest weather conditions.”

While all telecommunications providers and other companies rely on conventional surge protection in their remote sites, it only protects equipment from lightning-induced faults on the telecom and power conductors. And, grounding systems do not efficiently dissipate the high frequencies of lightning energy. Neither surge protection nor grounding will protect equipment from lightning ground currents, especially in areas where soil conditions make it difficult to achieve a low-resistance ground.

Lightning Shield is available in 50-amp (LS-50) and 200-amp (LS-200) versions for small and large sites. LS-ATS provides customized protection for larger facilities, such as remote switches or MTSOs. Remote Manager rounds out the product line, offering control, event logging and test capabilities that enhance site management. Lightning Shield has been accepted by the USDA's Rural Utilities Service for use on RUS-funded projects.

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