New Book Helps Companies Find "Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees"

"Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees," by Linda Eve Diamond (Hollywood, FL) and Harriet Diamond (Atlantic City, NJ), has just been released in an updated, expanded second edition. This new edition includes a chapter that encourages employee involvement in online social networking to enhance business success.

New York, NY, June 16, 2010 --( "Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees" by Linda Eve Diamond (Hollywood, FL) and Harriet Diamond (Atlantic City, NJ), originally published in 2006, has been revised, updated, expanded, and re-released in a new, 2010 edition.

The message is simple. If you want employees to be upbeat and positive, create a working environment that’s upbeat and positive. Everyone has talents, energy, and ideas to offer—and the best motivators know how to inspire these and to make each person feel appreciated both as an individual and as an integral part of the team. The authors remind that employees who feel valued will invest more of themselves in the company.

The second edition includes a new chapter: “Social Networking for Business Success.” Involving employees in social media is a tricky business. How much can employees disclose? How clearly can that be defined? Is it wise to encourage social networking when so many companies have found it necessary to ban access to social networking sites during business hours? The new chapter addresses these concerns and more, with a timely perspective and useful phrases to encourage involvement, elicit ideas and insights about what works well and what works even better, include and educate those who are not as tech savvy as others, and communicate firm policies without sounding dictatorial.

The right phrase is essential for motivation. Of course, phrases are the heart of any "Perfect Phrases" book, offering hundreds of ready-to-use or easily adaptable phrases. In addition to a myriad of motivational phrases that praise, the book included phrases that address difficult situations, such as giving developmental feedback, bridging the gaps between cultures and generations, and raising morale in tough times. Subtle shifts in language and attitude can produce productive dialogues and positive outcomes involving even the most difficult issues.

The authors have written several business and self-help books and have extensive backgrounds in corporate training and consulting. Harriet Diamond ran Diamond Associates Training and Consulting for 20 years, and the mother-daughter writing team comes from the years they shared writing and delivering training programs for a diverse client list including the transportation, banking, security, retail, supermarket, healthcare and hospitality industries. Their websites are and

"Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees," McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition, 2010, Paperback: list price: $10.95, ISBN: # 0071742433 / 978-0071742436

Ann Pryor, Senior Publicity Manager