OrionGadgets Offers HTC EVO 4G Screen Protectors

Coinciding with the release of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, OrionGadgets has posted ScreenGuardz brand screen protectors and BodyGuardz brand body protectors for the HTC EVO 4G cell phone. ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz scratch resistant protectors provide cutting edge protection for cell phones and portable media players at a reasonable price and are available online from OrionGadgets.

Brooklyn, NY, June 19, 2010 --(PR.com)-- OrionGadgets.com, an online retailer of cell phone and portable media player accessories, is announcing the addition of the HTC EVO 4G to the list of ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz models available at the online store. The HTC EVO 4G from Sprint ,the most advanced Android powered smart phone to hit the market, is breaking Sprint launch sales records and is selling out quickly. To keep up with consumer demand, OrionGadgets will be stocking a full line of Sprint HTC EVO 4G cell phone accessories, including cases, chargers and audio accessories in addition to screen and body protectors.

Perhaps the most important accessory for a touch screen cell phone, particularly one with an industry leading 4.3 in display, is the cell phone screen protector. OrionGadgets sells ScreenGuardz brand screen protectors for their unique combination of quality and affordability in order to bring the best value to customers. Each screen protector is custom fit to the device's screen dimensions requiring no cutting or trimming. Made from a clear film that is used for production of the surface of automobile exteriors, ScreenGuardz and BodyGuardz protectors are made to withstand heavy and regular use. OrionGadgets prefers ScreenGuardz screen protectors for the uniquely easy application process utilizing the static cling properties of the screen to secure the film. NLU has manufactured ScreenGuardz screen protectors for retail sale just in time for the release of the HTC EVO 4G. Both Hard and Ultra-Slim versions are available for the EVO in a 2 and 15 pack respectively at OrionGadgets.com for $15 shipped.

For customers looking for long lasting, all over cell phone protection, OrionGadgets has posted HTC EVO 4G BodyGuardz. BodyGuardz adhere to the phone using an adhesive containing an antibacterial mold inhibitor and anti-corrosion compound that will leave no residue on the device or damage it in any way. HTC EVO 4G BodyGuardz will protect the phone from scratches and gouges from sand, keys, and rough surfaces without adding to the size or weight. OrionGadgets recommends BodyGuardz brand body protectors because NLU stands behind their products, offering the BodyGuardz Advantage lifetime replacement program and unmatched customer support. Said NLU Products Director of Marketing Fernando Camilo, “NLU Products is committed to providing our customers with the best clear skins for the latest devices.” BodyGuardz protectors can be found at OrionGadgets.com for most phone models including the newly released HTC EVO 4G for $25 shipped.
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Jerry O'Connor